Purdue Basketball press conference: 3 takeaways

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Purdue Basketball press conference: 3 takeaways

Delphi Bracketology was able to participate in a Zoom Virtual Press Conference today with Purdue head coach, Matt Painter and three veteran senior players, Eric Hunter Jr., Sasha Stefanovic, and Trevion Williams. With the pandemic, there has been delayed and abbreviated practice sessions, but this week Purdue has finally been able to start the process of the 2020-2021 season. Here are five takeaways from the media session.

With no seniors on the roster this year, Hunter and Williams both realize the importance of their roles regarding leadership. Coach Painter admits that when it comes to having natural vocal leaders on the team, Purdue currently has “nobody” that fits that role at the moment. However, he is calling on the juniors to step up, be more vocal, and set the tone for the rest of the very young team. Hunter and Williams realize this and are eager to take on this challenge.

Purdue’s freshmen crew of Ethan Morton, Zach Edey, Brandon Newman, and Jaden Ivy will have a strong impact this year. As Eric Hunter Jr pointed out, “this is one hungry group of freshmen.” Hunter, Stefanovic, and Williams all raved about the passing skills of Morton. Hunter mentioned that at times Morton uses his great passing skills too much, pointing out that Morton also has a great shot and he’d like him to shoot more. There was also a lot of excitement about the potential of Zach Edey, the 7’3″ center who is already as big as Isaac Haas. Williams pointed out that Edey blocks everything in practice. As a whole group, everyone agreed that the freshman class will have a serious impact this season.

Trevion’s Williams new body. Trevion has worked hard on reshaping his body this offseason. Even on a zoom call, we couldn’t help but notice a slimmed-down and muscular NBA body. Williams told us that he’s about 10 pounds away from his goal playing weight of 255-260. He has been running a lot this off season as well as eating healthier. He admits that this has been a huge challenge during the pandemic where it is easy to sit around and eat, but the hard work is paying off.

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