Bracketology 2020-21

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Bracketology 2020-21

Welcome to 2020-21 season of NCAA basketball bracketology. We have missed our followers and fans since the abrupt ending to the 2020 season last March. A season without selection Sunday was tough to deal with for fans and for us a group that works all year for selection Sunday.

So, we begin again. A new year a new team of bracketologists and a lot of unknowns going into the season. How many games will be played, how will selection of tournament teams be the same and how will they differ. We here at Delphi Bracketology enjoy the process and will aim to provide all with as much information as we can.

We graduated two outstanding members in 2020 in Joe Perry and Elijah Hudson. Their dedication and work will be missed dearly. As with college hoops teams the success of the program depends on recruiting. We believe that we have solid returning bracketologists and some intriguing newcomers.

This year our senior editors are Colt Spangler and Evan Fritz. They have been in our group for the last three years. Other returning members include junior Peyton Roth, Sophomore Cade Nelson, senior Ricky Martinez, Bradyn Gleason our middle school member.

Joining the team this year is junior Luke Smock, Sophomore Cole Long and Freshman Nikita Lear. Nikita has already begun a new segment title “Select Seniors” which will spotlight seniors in NCAA college basketball. Nikita is also helping design our logos for the website.

Soon, we will be previewing the 2020 season and providing our pre season bracket. Follow us on twitter at @delphibrackets. Thank you for following our work and may your favorite team make the dance this spring.

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