Bracket update: 12/11/20

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Bracket update: 12/11/20

The start of the college basketball season is upon us. Games are being played and games are being cancelled. Bracketology is never really relevant until the middle of January or February in regular years. However, we bracketologists only know what we know. So we produce brackets. We believe that fans also like to get a snapshot of where things stand.

We published our newest bracket on Friday 12/11. Hit the latest bracketolgy tab for the matchups. Since the season is new and comparisons with data and metrics are difficult at this time, we decided to use KenPom rankings as a guide early in the season. The KenPom metric is still a work in progress this early as it still has data from last season in its results. What we like is the listing of A & B games by KenPom. These listings give us some indication of who is playing tougher teams and who is winning said games. For this time in the season this is what we are using.

As of Friday morning we counted 14 teams in the top 60 of KenPom rankings as having won two or more A & B games. We placed all 14 in the bracket as some point. Some teams on this list move up a few seed lines, while some simply moved into the bracket. The old Quad 1 & 2 wins are not available right now.

Those 14 teams include

  • Gonzaga
  • Baylor
  • Villanova
  • Texas
  • West Virginia
  • Kansas
  • Houston
  • Indiana
  • Clemson
  • Louisivlle
  • San Diego St
  • Missouri
  • Xavier
  • Penn St

Six teams in our bracket have zero wins in the A or B rankings of KenPom

  • Duke
  • Michigan
  • Creighton
  • LSU
  • Kentucky
  • Arkansas

It’s still way too early to be sure of any spot. The good thing for your favorite team is to win big games and avoid bad losses. This will get them into the bracket and up the seed line. Happy Hoop Watching

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