Trayce Jackson-Davis- Indiana

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Trayce Jackson-Davis- Indiana

Wednesday night IU and Florida State battled it out in a close overtime finish. Now, we could talk about the game and how eventful and intriguing but the real event of the night was Trayce Jackson-Davis. Instead of highlights, it was a mixtape! Jackson-Davis was in his bag, with 25 points, 17 reb, and 3 blocks, Jackson-Davis proved his point in showing that he should be the 14th ranked player in the country. The whole game Indiana was looking to get the ball to him. It was pretty evident as well because the commentators were telling them to give him the rock! Even if it was that obvious, Florida State couldn’t find an answer. Jackson-Davis was scoring at will, in the post, mid-range, floaters, and dunks. With the help of IU’s great guards, Rob Phinisee and Aljami Durham, to space the floor and open up the paint, they were able to give Jackson-Davis a good look at the rim and easy buckets. Now you would think this combination would formulate a win, but one man can’t do it all. While Trayce’s 25 played a big part, it just wasn’t enough to stop three Seminoles from scoring in the double digits. All in all, great game Wednesday night from Trayce Jackson-Davis!


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