BIG EAST Conference Report Jan 13

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BIG EAST Conference Report Jan 13

The Big East is playing some very compelling basketball. Almost every match up is must watch television. These teams will continue to rack up quality wins and build good NCAA resumes.

Conference Best

Villanova – The Wildcats are 12-4 with a quad 1 record of 4-4. What’s really impressive is the 5 road wins and the strength of schedule. Villanova is a likely 2 seed at the moment.

Trending up: Teams moving up the seed list

Xavier – The Musketeers have played well all year. At 12-2 and 3-3 in quad 1 Xavier is in good position. They currently are a likely 5 seed.

Seton Hall- The Pirates are 10-3 and a likely 5 seed with 3 quad 1 wins and no losses outside of quad 1

Providence- 14-2 with 4 quad 1 wins. Some of their big wins came against teams at less than full strength so they will need to continue to win big games going forward. They are a likely 7 seed.

UConn- Their metrics are solid right now. They have lost 4 games but are in the 6/7 seed range with a solid NET ranking.

Bubble: Teams either in or out of the bracket

Marquette – They have an interesting resume. Several losses, but some quality wins. Likely 9/10 seed

Creighton – One of our last teams in. The metrics do not favor the BlueJays but they have some good wins

Trending Down: Teams that are dropping down the seed list or out of our bracket

St. John’s – A long covid pause was followed by losing two tough road games. A lot of work to do here to make the tournament

DePaul- A good start to the season is now not looking so good

Key Games

Seriously- Every game in the BIG EAST is a key game. Watch then all!

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