College Football Returns

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College Football Returns

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College Football begins in earnest tonight ( Sept 1) as Week 1 kicks off with Thursday night football. The start of college football brings hope to campuses across the country. Will your school be better or worse this season? Well we are about to find out. Here are a few items we will be watching this season

  1. We will enjoy the few years left before major college conference realignment
  2. Hoping for another “Cincinnati” – a surprise team in the playoff
  3. Lee Corso on Gameday
  4. Notre Dame Football coach Marcus Freeman leading the Fighting Irish- Good Luck Coach
  5. The state of Mississippi Football- Coach Mike Leach of Mississippi St and Coach Lane Kiffin. Those two are always entertaining
  6. Can USC return to prominence?
  7. Cant get enough of the Texas A&M yell leaders!
  8. Rivalry games- No matter who you root for, there is a team you really want to beat.
  9. Nick Saban to lose- Sorry Alabama fans. You win too much
  10. The marching bands leading rabid fan bases into a frenzy- Rocky Top anyone?

Enjoy college football. Enjoy the atmosphere. May your team have a good season. Check back with us all season long for a few tidbits on football, before we move onto our main sport of college basketball.

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