Bubble talk: March 5th

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Bubble talk: March 5th

The bubble consists of the last 5 teams in the bracket and all the teams under consideration. We have 16 teams on the outside but still with a chance of making the bubble. A total of 21 teams on the bubble. Of course teams on our 8/9/10 seed line could lose and fall onto the bubble.

In & Trending up

Iowa – Iowa has won two games in a row including wins at Northwestern giving them their first home conference loss and home against Penn State. Iowa also has previous wins at Michigan State and Wisconsin. Three of the four wins are all Quad 1 wins, really boosting them into our final four in.

Saint Johns – Saint John’s has won three games in a row, two of them being good wins including a home win against Creighton and winning at Butler, both being Quad 1 wins. We currently have them sitting in our final four in.

In & Trending down

Seton Hall Seton Hall has lost two really tough away games at Creighton and UConn. Those games they got beat by 30 and 21 points, both being ugly losses. We currently have them as our last team in.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma has lost four of their last five games, all four of those loses are all Quad 1 loses. Their only win in that five game stretch was an overtime win at Oklahoma State. They are sitting at a 10 seed.

Out & Trending up

New Mexico – New Mexico has moved up our bubble a lot recently. They have a NET 28 which looks really good and is by far the best NET not included in the tournament although they have lost their last two games in a row to Air Force and at Boise State. Sitting at our first team out.

Memphis – Memphis has won four games in a row and seven of their last nine games. None of those wins really stand out besides a win at home against FAU. Now as our fourth team out.

Out & Trending down

Wake Forest – Wake has lost two games in a row, one of those losses being at Notre Dame. We now have them just outside our first four out.

Texas A&M – Texas A&M had lost five games in a row and just ended that losing streak with a win at Georgia. In that losing streak they lost two Quad 1 games, one Quad 2, and 2 two Quad 3 games. We have them as the third team out.

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