Bubble News- Feb 11

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Bubble News- Feb 11

Bubble in- for now

Oklahoma, Belmont and SMU moved into our bracket this week. Creighton has some good wins but a really bad NET at 77. Oklahoma got a huge win over Texas Tech. Belmont and SMU are classic smaller conferences with some good wins but do they have enough to hold off tradition power conference teams with more opportunites.

Bubble out- just barely

North Carolina has zero quad 1 wins and very few opportunities left. The best thing for the Tar Heels is that they have no losses outside of quad 1. San Diego St has 1 quad win and both Florida and West Virginia are below .500 in quad 1/2 total record.

Teams back in consideration

Both of these team had great wins this week. We don’t believe it’s enough to move close to the cutline. What these wins do accomplish is to put them back into consideration. When these teams add enough wins overall, then these high quad 1 wins may be enough to get a bid.

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