Bracket news Feb 13

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Bracket news Feb 13

There are several teams that do not have resumes that match their NET ranking. This makes them difficult to predict what seed lines these teams may be on. The NET is a sorting tool, but the committee has demonstrated in the past that the NET does have some impact on their selections.

Teams with Higher NET than their Resume

Wisconsin – NET 19, 8-4 in quad 1, no losses outside of quad 1 and 44 NON conference SOS. The Badgers resume is fantastic. This is at least a 2 seed resume. However, only once since 2016 has any team with a double digit ranking made the top 2 seed lines. That was Michigan St with a NET of 12 in 2016.

Providence:: NET 25, 20-2 overall and 5-1 in quad 1, 6-1 on the road. The Friars have a solid resume and find themselves on our 3 seed line. Their NET is high for a likely 3 seed.

TCU: NET 55, 4-3 in quad 1, 4-1 on the road. NON conference is not strong, but this team should be safely in the tournament. The lofty NET will keep them on the 7/8/9 seed line

Teams with Lower NET than their resume

Iowa: NET 20, 1-5 quad 1, losing record on the road and a weak non conf SOS. The Hawkeyes are ranked only 1 spot lower than Wisconsin. Their are a 9 seed currently

Michigan: NET 30, 2-5 in quad 1. A huge win over Purdue jumped them up over 10 spots in the NET. A 30 NET is likely to get in, but the Wolverine resume is not good enough at the time. Trends show that teams in the 30-40 NET range rarely get left out. Lowest NET out in last few years is 33.

Houston: NET 3, 2-3 in quad 1. Houston is a solid basketball team and has been winning without two key players. Are they the 3rd best team? NO, the resume lacks opportunities due to the American Conference being down this season. Houston is likely a top 4 seed based on previous placement of Houston in the past

Teams not in our bracket but have good wins and good NET

Michigan NET 30 with a win over Purdue

Florida: Net 45 win over Ohio State

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