Bracketing issues 1-16

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Bracketing issues 1-16

This is a list of the issues our group has on each seed line. This is where we understand there to be difference of opinion and that the committee may move in a different direction that what we believe.

1 seed: These are locked in. If something changes it is Iowa over Illinois.

2 seed: Houston is the question here. Do they stay on the 2 or move to the 3. Oklahoma St NET is too high to move up. Kansas maybe. Arkansas does not have the depth of quality wins in our opinion.

3 seed: We originally had four BIG 12 teams on this line and that could happen. We moved Texas to the 4 and Arkansas to the 3. This is where we could be wrong. West Virginia may move off this line due to late season tough losses

4 seed: Villanova is the question here. They have lost two games without Colin Gillespie. They were a 3 seed before the injury for us.

5 seed: Do the 3 quad three losses keep Creighton off this line? Does USC get the last 5? What about Texas Tech, no losses outside quad 1? This can go many ways.

6 seed: Teams with a high NET but lots of wins vs field vs teams with lower NET ranking and some bad losses. Missouri, Oklahoma, Clemson, Oregon all in the 6/7 range.

7 seed: BYU, Florida, Wisconsin, LSU- two are 7 seeds the others are 8 seeds for us. There is a fine line between these teams.

8 seed: The question for us? Is this where Loyola and Sand Diego St fall? The answer to that sets up the next few seed lines.

9 seed: North Carolina and UConn are currently here but look to be possible 8 seeds. UConn with James Bouknight is 11-2. What does this mean for their seed line. They are playing like a 7 seed.

10 seed: VCU and Wichita St or a couple of BIG 10 teams with double digit losses will be the issue here.

11 seed: Is this the landing spot for some big name teams like UCLA, Michigan St and Louisville?

12 seed: The bubble: Syracuse is looking good. Does the Mountain West get two or three teams in? Does Drake make the tourney? St. Louis has a chance as well. Then also, does Winthrop deserve a 12 seed?

13 seed: Does a Western Kentucky team if they get in fall here or are they a 12. UC Santa Barbara has had a good season, are the at this seed line

14 seed: Colgate? The team with the 8th best NET a 14 seed? Have there been so many upsets that teams like Cleveland St and Oral Roberts move up to this spot?

15 seed: Which team is the last 15 and gets to avoid the top teams?

16 seed: Who get’s Gonzaga

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  1. Joshua Winrotte says:

    Purdue a Solid 4 and Ohio State a solid 2 regardless of today’s outcome?

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