Bracket update: Feb 27th

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Bracket update: Feb 27th


Purdue: Purdue bounced back after losing to Ohio State with two wins, beating Michigan by 8 and Rutgers by 28

UConn: UCoon got their 3rd loose of the season this past week, getting beat by #12 Creighton, and will play their final home game of the year this Sunday, March 3rd.

Houston: Houston is riding a 5 game win-streak, still to play #6 Kansas for their final game of the year on March 9th.

Arizona: Arizona took a loss to #19 Washington State last Thursday, still to play 4 games this year


Alabama: In their last 10 games, Alabama won 7 of them. They beat #24 Florida at home. What is really helping them is their ability to score the ball, scoring 80+ points in 8 straight games. With 4 games left in their season, including another game against Florida and a game against Tennessee, they could be a 2 seed with some wins.


Dayton: Dayton hasn’t played a tournament team since mid-december. Being 7-3 in their last ten games is a respectable record. Dayton just needs some more good wins, which is very attainable in their last 4 games. They play 4 teams they have beaten already this season, which is just what they need to snake back to a 4 seed.


Texas A&M: Texas A&M was playing really good basketball for a while, getting good wins against Florida and Tennessee. Recently however, they haven’t done as well. They have lost 4 straight games and 5 of their last 10 games are losses. A good finish to their season should easily propel them in the tournament.

Villinova: Villinova is also having hard winning games. They are 4-6 in their last 10 games, and had a 5 game losing streak for a couple weeks. With their good NET(38) and great SOS, it will be hard for them to miss the tournament, but if they keep losing, it might be more difficult to put them in.

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