Big 12 Preview

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Big 12 Preview

The Big 12 this year looks to be an exciting division where you can look for 4 to 6 teams having an impact on the bracket. Within the Big 12 it looks like every team has some sort of shot, some having harder roads than others.

Teams that will be in


Texas Tech 

This conference will be dominated by the Jayhawks and as of now I see now one that stands in their way. However Texas Tech could make a solid run and seed decently high in the bracket. 

Teams that should be in 




Baylor is going to be the team to watch in the Big 12 this year, coming into the season with very high hopes and under the command of Scott Drew it looks to be a promising season. Texas and Oklahoma on the other hand have had a less anticipated season but are both bracket veterans who have the skill and coaching to make it in at the lower seed line.

Long Shots to be in

West Virginia 


Kansas State 

Iowa State 

Oklahoma State 

These teams are going to fight to be competitive in a tough conference, but with West Virginia falling off the face of the earth last year and some reconstructive years for some teams. However OSU does not want to be associated with this group and has a promising 4-star recruit in Rondel Walker who is their seasons dark horse.

The Big 12 is looking to be a very competitive conference in college basketball with it probable that 3 to 6 teams can make the tourney. It is sad to see Kansas go uncontested once again so I am rooting for Baylor to go for the crown and that just might be possible with some new additions and Scott Drew managing the field.

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