Iowa 96 Purdue 71 Womens Basketball

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Iowa 96 Purdue 71 Womens Basketball

Both Iowa and Purdue put up a strong battle, however Iowa came out on top.

What Happened

Iowa brought their top game and outscored Purdue in the first half.

Purdue gained more team energy allowing them to hang on to Iowa. However, they just couldn’t hold tight.

Purdue just could not out work Iowa.

Key Stats

Iowa was 15/33 from the 3-point line.

Number 3 smith with a steal and turn around 2 points assist from Ellis.

Caitlin Clark with a triple double helped lead the team in their victory over Purdue.

What it means

They simply outscored Purdue with their 3-point shooting percentage.

Smith and Ellis turned the game energy around with the steal and assist. Brought confidence to the players.

Caitlin Clark was the highlight of the game for the fans and her team the triple double and ability to create opportunities for her teammates lead them to victory.

Upcoming Games

14 Indiana @ 3 Iowa on January 13 at 8 pm

Purdue @ Maryland on January 14 at 12pm

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