Day 2 recap of the Round of 64

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Day 2 recap of the Round of 64

Taking Care of Business

Arizona defeated Wright St to get their journey started

The 2 seeds- Duke, Auburn, Villanova avoided the fate of Kentucky

BIG 10- it was a challenge but Illinois, Michigan St, Wisconsin, Ohio St all won. Purdue won easily

Dangerous Teams

TCU- Won by 27. Does it carry over against Arizona

Texas- They play defense- If they can score they can advance

Texas Tech- This is a team to watch going forward

Upset Specials

Iowa State over LSU- The Cyclones won as an 11 seed over 6 seed LSU who had to deal with a coaching change late in the season

Notre Dame overcame a double overtime 1st four game and a flight out west to defeat Alabama

Team of the Day

Player of the Day- Cormac Ryan – Notre Dame

photo courtesy of NY Post

Cormac scored 29 points in the Irish Round of 64 upset over Alabama

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