Bubble talk: Feb 13

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Bubble talk: Feb 13

The bubble consists of the last 15 or so teams in the bracket and all the teams under consideration. We have 22 teams on the outside but still with a chance of making the bubble

In & Trending up

GONZAGA– After winning at Kentucky in a close game they now have their first Quad 1 win and having a NET 24, getting them in our final four in.

WASHINGTON STATE– Winners of 5 in a row and a NET of 40. The Tigers have 8 quad 1/2 wins after winning at Oregon keeping them in our final four in.

In & Trending down

NEBRASKA– Originally at a 9 seed but now falling down and into the final four in after losing back to back at Illinois and Northwestern now having a NET 53.

UTAH– After losing at Arizona in tripe OT and losing at home to Arizona State they are now a NET 49 and falling down our bracket into the 10 seed line.

Out & Trending up

WAKE FOREST– Wake has come off of a three game win streak beating Syracuse, at Georgia Tech, and NC State, just coming off of a close loss at Duke. Wake now sits just outside of tournament

COLORADO– Colorado has been playing good teams and losing. What is keeping them trending up is having a NET of 38.

Out & Trending down

OLE MISS– After a tough two game stretch losing to Auburn and losing at South Carolina they now are a NET 59 sitting at our first four out.

SETON HALL– A team that was looking good earlier in the season is now sitting at our first team out with a NET 76 and having a bad loss at Villanova Sunday.

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