Bracket update: Feb 13th

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Bracket update: Feb 13th


Purdue: Beats rival Indiana(14-10) by 20 points at home.

UConn: UCoon is still beating everyone in their path, winning 12 straight games.

Houston: Currently holding at a Q1 record of 8-3.

Arizona: The Wildcats are riding a win streak of 5 games with a win against Colorado.(16-8)


South Carolina: South Carolina is currently playing great basketball, Beating the #8 and #22 seed in there 7 game win streak. Plays #13 Auburn in a game on Wednesday night , which could help their NET and their quad 1 record.

Texas Tech: Texas Tech’s NET has moved up 8 spots since Feb. 11th, in part to their wins against UCF and #6 Kansas. They ended a 3 game losing streak and look to countinue climbing the charts.


Kentucky: Kentucky went from the #6 seed to the #22 seed in a short span of time. They are 5-5 in there last 10 games and are 2-5 in the Q1. They are in search of a much needed win against #13 Auburn(19-5) on Saturday the 17th.


Gonzaga: Gonzaga beats #22 Kentucky, a deciding win to put their tourney chances a whole lot higher. This moves their Quad 1 record to 1-5, after the much needed win. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games, losing 2 very close games to Saint-Marys and Santa Clara.

Cincinnati: Cincinnati is playing in a lot of difficult games, going 3-7 in their last 10 games but losing to 5 teams in th top 25, including #3Houston and #6Kansas. Fortunately, they picked up 2 great wins against TCU and Texas Tech. With only 7 games remaining, they will need to pick up some wins to secure a spot in the tournament.

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