Bracket Breakdown

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Bracket Breakdown

We are 6 days away from selection sunday.  Our group will meet on March 10th to go over every team on our list and make decisions on seeds 1-68.  We will also determine scenarios where those seeds may change due to conference tournament results. Most of these scenarios will be with teams on the bubble earning or losing their way out of the tournament.  Any seed adjustments will occur with a team already in but making a deep run. Even then it is probably a seed or two move. Individual game results will rarely move a team on the seed list, even an early upset loss.  Purdue was a three seed last year despite an early departure from the BIG 10 tourney. We made the mistake last year of moving them to the 4 line after that one loss. We will not make that mistake this year. So Tuesday night our bracket will be set, and only a few changes will be made by Sunday

Here is our list as on Monday and the range of possible seeds and some of the reasons for our choices. We list only the top 48 in our bracket and the top 8 bubble out teams.  Teams 49-69 are the auto qualifiers. Enjoy.

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