Wisconsin vs Purdue

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Wisconsin vs Purdue

What happened?

  • Wisconsin was dominate from the start, setting the tone with a solid rushing attack
  • Tanner Mordecai, Wisconsin QB was effective with his legs early, both scrambling and by design
  • Purdue was not able to do much defensively and on offense was hurt by key penalties that nullified big plays.
  • Purdue found some offense in the 2nd half with two nice scoring drives in the 3rd quarter. Made a game of it in the 4th quarter

What does it mean?

  • Wisconsin will be the team to beat in the BIG 10 West
  • Wisconsin might be good enough win some tough games— they have two: Ohio St and Iowa left, well maybe also Minnesota
  • Purdue needs to play better defensively if they want to win BIG 10 games, because their offense can put up some points
  • Purdue will be a lot better at the end of the season. They will win some games but has a small margin for error for a bowl game with Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan on the schedule

Overall takeaways

  • Ross- Ade Stadium renovations are nice and add to the atmosphere which is solid in West Lafayette
  • Wisconsin Coach Fickell is going to lead Wisconsin to a lot of wins in his tenure
  • College football is great, let’s hope realignment doesn’t mess with the sport too much

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