NFL Pick-Em Week 7

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NFL Pick-Em Week 7

Raider vs Packers

Packers 24-14

After being gifted a win by the refs in Monday Night Football, the Packers are coming into this game with question on weather Devante Adams will play and the play of Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers has been dealing with a lingering injury for the past two weeks. While it hasn’t affected his throwing game, you can say he is having a down year. He has only thrown 8 touchdowns through 6 weeks along with 2 pick to worsen his resume. The Packer are going to need to strengthen up and get their game back together if they plan on beating the recently winning Raiders. The Raiders are coming off their bye week and before that they had just beaten the Bears in London. Although they are coming off a huge win, the Raiders will lose this game by 10 or more because the Packers are a more well rounded team.

Rams vs Falcons

Falcons – 28-17

The Rams this season has been an absolute mess, they have not been able to get much of anything going on either side of the ball. Coming into this reason many people thought that the Rams would be a front runner in the NFL with their very expensive defense and newly contracted QB. However the lackluster performance from Todd Gurley and that Rams offense has caused a collapse within the organization. Forcing them to fall down a slippery slope, that in my opinion is not done yet.The Falcons on the other hand are much of the same, they have a great offense that really has not come to play, in part to the poor starts to games that Matt Ryan has been having. The running game has also not been there and it has put a lot of pressure on Matt Ryan to make the plays. The reason that I have the Falcons winning is due to the blatant history that is going on through the Rams organization, with new additions to the team in order to patch things up I see it unlikely that they come out on top here.

49ers vs Redskins

49ers 30-7

Let’s be honest here, this game is decided before it’s even started. The 49ers are 5-0 and they are playing like a top playoff contender. Their run game is great and it only seems to get better as Jimmy Garappolo improves. They are playing one of the teams in contention for the “Tank Bowl.” The Redskins are not good and only seem to get worse with coaching problems. The 49ers are without a doubt going to win this game and their defense is going to feast on whoever is QB for the Redskins.

Texans vs Colts

Colts 27-24

This is going to be one of the most watched games of this week. As both of these teams are coming off big wins against the Kansas City Chiefs where they both out did the scheme of Andy Reid and Company. The Colts run game was masterful as they ran the ball on over half of their offensive plays. You can expect to see that again run scheme applied in this game and the one big question will be can Jacoby Brisset make the big throws and secure the win. I think he will and the Colt’s defense will cool off the red hot Deshaun Watson. The Texans will put up a good game but I think Frank Reich and the Colts are playing too well to be beaten by this young Texans team.

Vikings vs Lions

Vikings 24-16

The Vikings are coming off a huge week where they were able to put up 38 points against the opposing Eagles. That win means a lot to them especially because Stefon Diggs was able to get worked back into the offense after having trade rumors the week before. The offense worked on two sides as the run game wasn’t as effective but still opened up the passing game. The Lions are coming off just their second loss and in that loss they were able to expose the secondary of the Packers. I don’t expect to see that again this week because the Vikings secondary is full of big name stars like Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith. I think the Lions won’t be able to stop the strong run game of Dalvin Cooks and that will lead to their defeat in this divisional game.

Jaguars vs Bengals

Jaguars- 17-10

The Jags this season have found a great way to move the ball, that being on the ground with Fournette who is the 3rd leading rusher this season. I see much of the same against the very poor front 7 of the Bengals and the lack of any type of offense is going to cause a massive amount of possession time in favor of the Jags. Pounding the rock is going to take the air out of this team that is already struggling. Dalton and the offense have been playing very poorly, and a lot of that is going to be a credit to the O-line that has basically let everyone straight through the line and Dalton has been under a ton of pressure. It doesn’t help that Dalton’s WR aren’t making any plays, and his main man is out, in A.J Green. This all is enough for the Jags in my opinion to bring this one home and send the Bengals packing.

Cardinals vs Giants

Giants 27-21

The Giants are coming a defeating loss in Thursday Night Football to the undefeated Patriots. Their defense, while it may not show, played great and kept the Patriots off the field a majority of the time and gave their team a chance to win. Daniel Jones didn’t play great and that allowed the strong defense to feast on his mistakes. Expect to see him play better this week and get into the end zone a few more times. The Cardinals are coming off a great win in a last minute touchdown to David Johnson. I think Kyler Murray is going to have another good week and put up good numbers against this team but ultimately fall short. The Giants will bounce back and win this week.

Dolphins vs Bills

Bills 34-13

The Bills are won of the most underrated teams in the NFL. They have only one loss this year and that’s to arguably the best team in the NFL, in the Patriots. Josh Allen is playing great for this team and with the run game from Frank Gore, they pair great together. Their defense is also playing great as they are 4th in points allowed per game and 3rd for yards allowed per game. For the other team in this match up, they are in second for the race to 0 wins. They are 0-5 this year and they’ve named the pick machine their QB this week. Yes, that’s right, Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting this week. This match up is already decided and the Bills will win this game with ease.

Chargers vs Titans

Chargers 24-17

The Chargers are among the team facing troubles at this time in the year. They’ve now lost 2 games in a row for the second time this year. They have been facing problems with not getting everyone involved and Phillip Rivers is struggling to throw the ball. He had a passer rating of 58.6 and 77.8 in both of those losses. He needs to figure out how to get the ball down field and get those running backs involved. They are playing the also struggling Titans. They have also lost two in a row and struggled offensively. This week they named Ryan Tannehill the starter this week and we have no clue what to expect from him. This could be an explosive week for them or a flop. I think the Chargers will bounce back this week and pick up a much needed win on the road.

Ravens vs Seahawks

Seahawks- 35-28

This is going to be one of the best games of the week, with the thought that the ‘good’ Ravens will show up. The Ravens have been one of those maybe, maybe not teams that have not been consistent at all. They look to prove that they can play with the best of the best. While on the other hand, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks look to continue playing good football at a very high level. Wilson has been arguable an MVP candidate to this point and is showing why he is one of the best in the business. The Ravens defense has not been up to par, and I am looking for Wilson to continue to shred defenses and find the open man with his legs. The Ravens offense on the other side of things is trying to find it’s identity, one week they run the ball all game and the next it is all Jackson with 300 yards passing, they need to be more consistent in their attack. I just don’t see this game being one that they can do that in, forcing Jackson to make plays he is not comfortable making.

Saints vs Bears

Saints- 24-10

The Saints this season have been very impressive especially without Drew Brees, now this week with or without Drew I see no problem for the Saints. Alvin those has to have a better week than last, he needs to get the ground game going in every way. That allows for easier passing attempts off play action. The Bears on the other hand have not been playing all that bad, but when faced with an opponent that is as good as the Saints, I see them collapsing and not being able to recover from early scores from the Saints. The Bears’ defense is one of the beat in the NFL, but there is a limit to how much of the game they can control. They have to spend way too much time on the field and that can cause lackluster performance toward the end of this game.

Eagles vs Cowboys

Cowboys – 28-10

The cowboys have been that team that just seems to shock you every week, and not in a good way.  They manage to lose to some of the worst team in the NFL and all that after looking like one of the best and top tier teams in the NFL. The main problem is that Dak is not hitting the open man on a large percent of his drop backs. The run game has been phenomenal and Zeke continues to do what he does best. However he is going to need some help from Dak in order to take some of the pressure off him. The Eagles on the other hand have been playing just as bad, they have been struggling to get their TE involved in the red zone. Majorly affecting their ability to put of 6 while close to the goal line. With the beat up defense I see it unlikely that the Eagles will find a way to win this game.

Patriots vs Jets

Patriots- 28-10

The Pats have been playing just as we would have expected them to. They are looking like a well oiled machine through the first 6 games, and look to do much of the same in this upcoming rivalry. The Jest had a good game last week upsetting the Cowboys and looking sharp with Sam Darnold behind the helm. However I think that the Pats defense will be able to shut him down and put his passing to a halt. Not to mention the offense which has been as expected, but seemingly stuttering as of late and being very reliant on the defense. This week though, I think that Tom Brady will be able to find his main man Julian Edelman for some good chunk plays across the middle. 


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