Week 15 NFL Game of the Week

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Week 15 NFL Game of the Week

Titans vs Texans

Titans 31-24

The Titans are making a statement in their race to make the playoffs and with there win last week, they are in control of their fate for this season. If they can win out they will win the AFC South and most likely knock the Texans out of a playoff spot. Ever since Ryan Tannehill has taken over as quarterback, this team has proven they are worthy to hold a playoff spot. With his skills at the QB position and Derrick Henry running the ball, this team is a force to be reckoned with. While their wide receivers don’t look good on paper, you can’t sleep on them. I think the Texan’s defense will struggle to stop this dynamic offense. Especially since they are coming off a game where they allowed 38 points to Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos. Even with  Deshaun Watson at QB, I don’t think this team will be able to keep up with an offense that will score on nearly every possession. DeAndre Hopkins will play a key role in this game. If he can find opening throughout the Titan’s defense, this team will have a spark to keep this game close. In my opinion, this will be a close match up where the Texans will fall just short. The Titans will win this first match and move to first place in the AFC South, for now.

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