Week 14 NFL Pick-Em

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Week 14 NFL Pick-Em

Colts vs Buccaneers

Buccaneers 38-17

This is going to be one of the more lopsided games in my opinion. Buccaneers so far this season I’ve had one of the highest power offenses in the league and when Jameis Winston is throwing the ball well that whole offense is working. on the flip side effects when he’s not throwing the ball well it’s horrific and he ends up throwing four picks as we’ve seen the season. On the other side of the ball, we have the Colts. Let’s be honest, I’ve had it up and down season. it looks good in the first six or seven games and ever since then, it’s been downhill stride. what are the main portions to this downhill stride has been there kicking game. along with the kitchen game Colts offense hasn’t got anything going without Ty Hilton. the Run game as we know it has been good but it hasn’t been enough to carry that offense. Colts’ defense has played all right and I look for them to get a little bit torn up by the Buccaneers receivers and Chris Godwin or Mike Evans. however if the Colts can force some turnovers I see it going in their favor, this is unlikely though with Jameis Winston’s play as of late.

Ravens vs Bills

Ravens 31-24

The Ravens are on the hottest team in the league right now. Currently, on an 8 game win streak, Lamar Jackson is beating the competition into the ground with his elusiveness of running and throwing the ball. They have been able to beat the top teams in the NFL, such as the Patriots, Seahawks, and 49ers. Expect to see a game based around both of these QB’s as Josh Allen, not as fast as Lamar Jackson, can run the ball and add an extra dimension to their offense. The Ravens will win this offensive matchup and hold the top spot in the NFL.

Lions vs Vikings

Vikings 34-21

The Vikings are coming off a tough loss on Monday Night Football where they were faced with injuries. They should be able to bounce back after that loss and get a huge divisional win. They will be watching the Packers the rest of the year to see if they have a chance to win their division. The Viking is run-first offense with an explosive wide receiver core. Expect much of the same this week and watch Dalvin Cooks. He should have a good bounce-back game coming off that minor shoulder injury on Monday Night. The Lions don’t have a chance at this point in the season. They don’t have a starting QB and with that, they are already eliminated from the playoffs. The Vikings win this in a big way to continue their push for the playoffs.

Redskins vs Packers

Packers 21-17 

This game could be a very interesting one especially if you’re a Redskins fan. this will be Dwayne Haskins first official test, in my opinion, the Packers defense has been pretty solid all year especially getting to the quarterback. We all know the Redskins have been playing well as of late and some hype has been building around their team. the exact opposite has to be said about the Packers they have had a rough couple of games. I look for them to get Aaron Jones more involved in the offense, and we all know his capabilities and he hasn’t been getting touches. that, in my opinion, is a keet why they’ve been losing these games. along with Aaron Jones, Davante Adams has not had the touch is that he usually does. for the Packers to have a solid rest of the season they need to get Aaron Jones or Davante Adams more involved in this offense. on the flip side for the Redskins Dwayne Haskins has been playing great, and he looks to continue that streak in this game against the Packers. however, I don’t see it likely with the Packers defense being so sawed the season and their pass rush is great.

Broncos vs Texans

Texans 20-17

I’m taking the Texans and this game simply because of their high-powered offense. we all saw it last week against the Patriots who have one of the best defenses in the league and put up 28 points. that’s wisdom taking the foot off the gas in the 4th quarter. going to my point exactly the Broncos haven’t had the best defense this year and I look for Sean Watson to absolutely Shred the Broncos secondary. I look for Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins to have massive games. Texans defense has been overly impressive this season and gets beat by the Colts earlier in the season and they’ve given up some big points to some not-so-great teams but as of late it’s been pretty solid. on the flip side of things, you have the Broncos we’re trying to find their identity at this point in the season. it does seem a little late to be doing so but with their hopes on Joe Flacco that didn’t work out there looking elsewhere, for the answer. I look for the Texans to win this game by a margin of three points only because of the lackluster offense in the second half.

49ers vs Saints

49ers 21-17

This is an NFC playoff preview. Both of these teams sit at 10-2. The Saints have already clinched their playoff spot as the NFC South champions. Michael Thomas is undoubtedly the MVP of this team as he is putting up numbers we have never seen before from anyone. He currently has 110 catches on the season, which is only 33 away from all-time single-season leader Marvin Harrison. He will continue his dominance in this game but unfortunately, lose to the 49ers in a tight one. I think the defense of the 49ers is very hard to beat and this Saints offense, while very good, isn’t very dynamic. The 49ers will keep Drew Brees to a minimal and their run game should be able to get into the endzone and win this big game for them.

Bengals vs Browns 

Browns 28-10

It’s not too much to say about this matchup the Browns have been playing pretty well as of late and the pain was just picked up their first win of the season. I hate to say it but I think it was a fluke The Bangles and Andy Dalton are not the teams. however, I do think that big money Mayfield is the answer in Cleveland. he’s trying to get his act together late in the season and in my personal opinion and has worked. Starting Baker didn’t trust any of his receivers and it showed not throwing the ball to obj or Jarvis Landry early in the season. over his trust has increased as it needed to in those receivers and his passing numbers and his overall play have shown. not to mention that Nick Chubb out of the backfield one of the leading rushers in the NFL has had a great season and continues to rush the ball with power. is very easily sets up play-action game and improves Baker’s overall passing rating. in this game I see the Bangles not putting up much of a fight in the Browns trying to get back on track in the season well.

Panthers vs Falcons

Falcons 24-21

The Falcons are playing with meaning at this point in the season. There meaning being to ruin other teams’ chances of making the playoffs. They proved they can beat a good team if they show up to play. They will win this game for the simple reason that the Panthers are struggling. Their star running back, Christian McCaffrey, can’t carry this team to every win. I think the Falcons will find out a way to stop the run game and get a win at home. 

Dolphins vs Jets

Dolphins 21-10 

there’s not much to say about this game not too many people are going to be watching it of course unless you’re a dolphin or jets fan. it’s the worst of the worst playing each other once again. the Jets on offense showed some Glory if you will in the last couple weeks but fell off the face of the Earth and their games versus The Bangles and the Dolphins. I look for not much change and their offensive production with Le’Veon Bell doing nothing much. Sam Darnold after coming back from mono hasn’t looked that great and I look for much of the same against the Dolphins you got the better of them last game. for the Dolphins they’re still looking for that first overall draft pick. that’s all you can say about the Dolphins is that they’re going to have a high first-round draft pick do to their crappy season. however, they are a semi greedy team and would love to beat the Jets once again just for bragging rights. I see just that happening with the dolphins’ offense being lackluster but still putting together some drives against this Jets defense.

Chargers vs Jaguars

Jags 20-17

To be honest with you these could be two of the most disappointing teams this season in the NFL. the Chargers beating the Packers giving themselves life and going through the rest of their season away. and of course, the Jaguars losing Nick full and the first game of the season and on his return, he doesn’t play well. Gardner Minshew last week was put into the game for Nick Foles and that’s not what you want to see if you’re a Jaguars fan. the Jaguars were hoping Nick Foles would be the franchise quarterback for Seasons to come however it has not been the case. rather he’s done just the opposite with his poor gameplay against the Colts and last week. Tulalip to Gardner Minshew this week to beat the Chargers in a close game. the Chargers have all of the answers on offense but don’t know how to use them. it has been clear and obvious that Philip Rivers lackluster sidearm no spiral throws have not been getting the job done. I look for much of the same in this game from Philip Rivers lackluster throws across the middle I have a high chance of being picked off after tipped. I see the Jaguars winning this game on the back of Leonard fournette an outstanding play from one of the backup receivers. 

Chiefs vs Patriots

Patriots 35-28

In my personal opinion, this is a must-win game for the Patriots. not because of their seeding in the tournament or whether they’re going to make the playoffs or not we all know they’re going to make the playoffs. but they need my personal opinion to prove to themselves that they can compete with these high-level teams on offense. Tom Brady showed visuals frustration in the last game with his offense is new receivers and lack of experience at the wide receiver position has caused them trouble. however, Tom Brady got back in stride in the second half of the Texans game ended up throwing for 360 yards and three touchdowns. we’re going to have to see much of the same if they want to beat the Chiefs. on the other side of the ball, you have the chiefs whose defense has been horrible. we watch the Chiefs defense give up over a hundred rushing yards to the Colts and eventually lose them the game. this, in my opinion, is going to be a key to the game the Patriots Rush game against this lackluster rushing defense. she’s on offense though have been highly explosive especially with Tyreek Hill wild in the game. however, he has had some leg issues and it has altered his playtime. if Stephon Gilmore can shut down Tyreek Hill this game will be very heavily favored in the Patriots way. however, I do see it being a close game just like last year’s and having a stunner as a finished.

Titans vs Raiders

Titans 34-21

The Titans are making a final push to make the playoffs as a wildcard. Ryan Tannehill will be leading this team and I think he will push this offense, along with Derrick Henry, to win over the Raiders. The Raiders are coming off a week where they got pounded by the Chiefs. They couldn’t keep up with that versatile offense and I don’t think they will do it this week either against the run game of the Titans.

Steelers vs Cardinals

Steelers 21-13

The Steelers are coming into this week holding a playoff spot as the final wildcard. They will be looking for a huge win, that could set their final push to hold their playoff spot. Mike Tomlin is preparing his team every week and has been able to put this team in a winning position without star players such as Juju Smith Schuster, James Conner, and Ben Roethlisberger. For the other team, the Cardinals have been struck with injuries all season. From Injuries on their running back to Kyler Murry having minor injuries that affect his play, this team has proven they can compete with the best but don’t always show up with their “A” game. In my opinion, the Steelers want this win more and will go out and prove yet again they can win without big-name players.

Seahawks vs Rams

Seahawks 28-10

again this is going to be one of the more lopsided games in my personal opinion. Seahawks have been one of the best teams in the NFL as of now. with a couple of big wins including their win over the 49ers and put himself in a great position in the playoffs. this is not to mention that Russell Wilson has looked like an MVP candidate and personally one of the better quarterbacks in the league. Chris Carson out of the backfield has also been fairly impressed with his tough running. this helps Russell Wilson immensely in the past game when he pulls back a play-action pass and can move in the pocket. Russell Wilson as well has been very impressive in the 4th quarter drives leading his team to victory more times than not. on the flip side of things, you have the Rams who have been struggling to find their identity on the ground with Todd Gurley. thought as of late has had great success on the ground with a couple of 100 rushing yard games. however, against this defense with Jadeveon Clowney, I find it very unlikely that Todd Gurley gets much of anything going. rather the offense is going to be put on Jared Goff. 

Giants vs Eagles

Giants 24-17

The Giants have something to play for this week. Of course, this is a divisional rivalry game, but the Giants are getting a familiar face back a QB as Daniel Jones is sitting out this week with an injury. Yes, Eli Manning is back leading this team and he should be out there to prove himself. He is fighting for his job in the NFL as if he doesn’t perform well he could be out of a job next year. I think he will show the people what they want to see and hand this struggling Eagles team a loss. For the Eagles, they sit at 5-7 on the season, only 1 game behind the Cowboys who lead their division. The Eagles are 0-3 since losing their running back, Jordan Howard, and I don’t see these things turning around for them. The Giants win a close game but the difference will be Eli Manning and his return.

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