Week 10 NFL Pick-Em

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Week 10 NFL Pick-Em

Giants vs Jets

Giants 21-10

The Giants have been struggling this season and all trying to find themselves as an offense and as a defense as well. It has and is going to be a rough season for both teams, with the Giants having the better of the two seasons, and there’s a bright future for Daniel Jones with the addition of Golden Tate. Also Evan Ingram has looked great this season proving that they can compete and do have the offensive power to keep up in the near future. On the other side of the ball are the Jets who have just lost to the worst team in football, this leaves tons of questions on the part of management and decisions that will soon be made about management. I see no way that the Jets win this game especially how they are playing on offense with no coordination and a lackluster defense who gave the game away last week.

Falcons vs Saints

Saints 24-14

This Saints team has been playing great as of late and with Drew Brees being back, they only get better. Their defense has been one of the best in the NFL against both the pass and rush. I would expect that trend to continue and shut down Devante Freeman who is already on the decline of his career. Expect to see both these team to be ready to play as they’ve both had a bye week recently. Matt Ryan is coming back off an injury and with his team not being near playoff contentions, they probably won’t play well again. The Saints will win this matchup win ease, especially after getting Brees and Kamara back from injuries.

Chiefs vs Titans

Chiefs 28-13

This game no matter the QB will have a rippling effect through the league, with the return of Hill this offense has looked as explosive as it has ever been. He is an incredible player who is always open and has the capability of being thrown open. This addition has the league wondering about how they could fare against the Chiefs with their full array of receivers. Matt Moore or Patrick, it does not matter the Chiefs win this game with the sheer power of this offense, that has the power to control the whole game or to make a quick and fatal strike. And with the Titans still trying to figure out the whole QB spot it would not be hard for this game to get out of hand fast. The one question I have is can the Chiefs contain the run game of Hennery who has had a solid year at this point and looks to build on said season. However it looks to be the Chiefs game to lose and I doubt they do.

Ravens vs Bengals

Ravens 34-10

The Ravens have been a solid team this year really coming into their own, with a different play style that has worked very well for them. Especially in the win over the Pats last week in witch they played exceedingly well on both sides of the ball. I look for them to slow down a bit from last week, but still see them having a great week in which Lamar Jackson will rush for more yard then the rest of the offense and pulls them to a win. The Bengals have had a rough go of it, and I look for that not to change in this matchup with the Return of A.J Green having little to no impact when trying to compete with Lamar and that Ravens Offense. 

Bills vs Browns

Bills 24-14

The Bills are in the top 5 best teams in the AFC. They have played great football through 9 weeks of this year, racking up loses only to the Eagles and Patriots. Josh Allen, while not playing good right now, is still leading this team to win. Their defense will be the factor that wins this game for them. For the team they are playing against, the Browns are 2-6 and underperforming in big and small games. None of the hype behind that team has come to fruition. They have lost to bad team and barely won against other bad teams. I see the Bills, who are blowing all expectations out of the water, will win this game and hold that wildcard spot in the AFC.

Cardinals vs Buccaneers

Buccaneers – 35-21

The Bucs are coming off a big week against the Seahawks in which they lost, but only by the smallest of margins. This win, in a way was a great way to prove that they can compete with the big dogs in the league. Also this game can prove as a stepping stone for Winston who has had trouble with possession this season. He played well and I look for him to do much of the same this week with his solid receiving core. The Cardinals on the other hand are a bellow par team that has struggled on the offensive side of the ball, however the adaptation of Drake has been a big move that was able to take the pressure off of Kyler’s arm. I look for him to do much of the same this week, however, it will not be enough to keep up with the explosive offense of the Bucs.

Lions vs Bears

Lions 24-13

The Lions are playing great this year and although this will test their offense they will come out on top. The Bears have struggled and haven’t fixed their offense so I don’t foresee them keeping up on the scoreboard.

Dolphins vs Colts

Colts 31-14

The Colts were able to put up 24 against a decent Steelers defense with their backup quarterback. This week with,  them playing the Dolphins, I don’t see a challenge for them and they will be able to get a big win to keep them in playoff contention. For the Dolphins, the tank fest continues.

Panthers vs Packers

Packers 24-21

This will be one of the closet game of the week. Two strong NFC teams will face off and see who can come out on top. For the Packers, this is a redemption game as they are coming off a bad loss to the Chargers who shut down their offense. The Panthers will most likely just keep giving the ball to Christian McCaffery who has put this team on his back this year. The Packers will win this game in a close one where Aaron Rodger is forced to make a tough play to win the game.

Rams vs Steelers

Rams 28-17

This season has been a wake up call for both teams, with the Rams seamingly falling apart after last seasons loss in the superbowl. The Rams have gone completely away from their old attack that got them so far, the ground attack and then using playaction on the seasms off that running game. Todd Gurley who is know as one of the best backs in the league has been left out of this attack and it has clearly cost them a ton in some of these games where Goff was a tad bit off his game. Moving on to the Steelers who have had one of the more gritty and hard fought seasons sit at .500 after last weeks win over the Colts. They have had a ton of injuries that have hampered them in their efforts. How ever this defence is one of the more underrated one in the league and it has some big play capability, as seen last week with the Pic 6. However I do not see them being able to overpower this Rams D that has played alright with Mason Rudolph who has played alright to this point, but has not put up big numbers. So I have the Rams in this game with a return to the rush game.

Vikings vs Cowboys

Vikings 31-24

The Vikings are an interesting team this year. They have had their good weeks but also their bad weeks. They way this team plays is very dependent on how Kirk Cousins plays. Expect to see Dalvin Cook involved in the pass game as Adam Theilen is out for a third straight week. The Vikings will win this week due to their shear better offense and put the Cowboys back in place after their “big win” against the Giants.

Seahawks vs 49ers

Seahawks 21-10

The Seahawks have had a great season so far with some top tier victories and a Qb that is looking like the MVP of the league. This week I expect the same performance out of him, both Lockett and Metcalf have had a huge impact on the passing game with Chris Carson being able to pound the ball this season with tons of yards. This helps a lot in the work for play action pass game where Wilson has succeed so well this season. On the other hand we have the 49ers who are the last unbeaten team in the NFL, however I don’t see them as a top team in the league, their comp so far this season has been own and they have yet to show their ability against a strong opponent such as the Seahawks. I see this as a game that is a tad bit out of the league of the 49ers

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