The Bubble out

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The Bubble out

The “bubble out” refers to those teams that are out of our current bracket but are being considered.   We usually look at 20-25 teams that are out as possible bracket members.  We look at teams in the top 100 of the NET only.  Most teams that fall below 75 of the NET will have a real difficult time being selected.  Teams in the 60-75 NET range must have some quality wins to be in our bracket.  Here are a few teams on our “bubble out” list and how we see them at this point of the season.

12-9 record overall, 1 quad 1 win, 4 quad 2 wins and 1 auad 3 loss.  The Gators must take advantage of a few conference opportunities ahead.  Four of their next 5 games are on the road and all are quad 1 opportunities.

12-8. Best thing about the Wildcats is no bad losses.  The tough thing is limited opportunities to get quad 1 wins.  Only two chances the rest of the season.  Arizona is not in good shape.

16-4, 1 quad 1 win, 3 quad 2 wins, 1 quad 4 loss.  NET ranking in the 40’s.  UCF has 6 opportunities to get quad 1 wins.  Most of those game are on the road.  Getting a win over Houston or Cincinnati would greatly help their cause..

VCU:  15-6 overall, 1 quad 1 win, 2 quad 2 wins, 1 quad 3 loss.  Wins over Texas, Temple and Hofstra are not bad.  The Rams however have ZERO quad 1 opportunities left on their schedule.

Never count out a team outside of the first four out.  Teams like UNCG and other mid majors may get a look if the “bubble in” teams continue to lose.  As of now the bubble is “soft” meaning that there are not a lot of teams whose resumes are decent enough to find a spot in the bracket.  This all can change with a few wins.

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