The bubble 3/12

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The bubble 3/12

We are down to 23 teams for 12 spots.  We placed all 23 teams records and data on our white board for comparison purposes.  Our students and faculty are working everyday to determine the best bracket possible.  Here are some of our current discussions.  We will attempt to update this each day.

1.  Mid majors-  Do they get in the tournament.  Our group is split on how many if any mid majors get in.  We decided to rank the mid majors in order first.  We have UNCG, Belmont,  Furman and Lipscomb in that order.  We put two of those teams in the bracket and tabled discussion until later.  We do not believe two of these four will make it.  It will eventually be 1 or none

2.  Alabama-  three committee members are really pushing Alabama for a spot in the bracket.  Their thinking-  win vs Kentucky-  2 quad 1 wins, 7 quad 2 wins.  SOS of 23.  Quality of wins look better than other bubble teams with 1 Tier 1A, 6 tier 2A wins.  We left Alabama out for now but will be watching them in the SEC tourney

3.  Clemson-  We really do not like Clemson’s resume-  We replaced them with UNCG for the moment.  A win vs NC State will be better for the Tigers.  Clemson is 1-9 vs quad 1 and 6-3 in quad 2. No bad losses and a SOS of 33 help the cause.

We look to add Clemson and Alabama if they win their first tournament game.  Not a sure thing but we will discuss.  This Bracketology stuff is fun

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