Texas Tech- 2/28/19

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Texas Tech- 2/28/19

Since losing to Kansas on Feb. 2, the Red Raiders have been on top of their game. They have beaten three tournament teams, including Kansas in a repeat matchup. Their win over Oklahoma State yesterday secured for them what is now a six game win streak. Texas Tech has grinded their way to a record of 23-5, with a steller conference record of 11-4. 

With their recent success, Texas Tech is now a top the Big 12 standings as well. Their team has a great chance of unseating Kansas as the Big 12 conference title winner. Texas Tech’s play has been noticed in the last month and Delphi Bracketology has moved them up to a 4 seed in our latest bracket. The remaining three teams on their schedule are tournament teams, leaving room for Texas Tech to make an even bigger splash in the coming weeks. 

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