Purdue v. Ohio State Experience

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Purdue v. Ohio State Experience

Saturday Nov. 13, Mr. Painter and I made the trip to Columbus to see Purdue play #4 ranked Ohio State. Before even getting in the gate, there was some trouble with traffic and finding our entrance. We sat in traffic for half an hour trying to make a half mile journey through the busy campus. Once we got to the parking garage, we weren’t sure what gate to go to or where the gate was. So, doing what any great problem solvers do these days, we pulled out our phones and began the search. We made our way all the way around the enormous Ohio Stadium so we could find our entrance and make our way up to the press box. In the press box, we hid from the cold by drinking Coke, water, and hot chocolate, as well as eating hot dogs and popcorn. Ohio Stadium is only the second college football stadium I’ve been to (the first being Ross Ade) and let me tell you, it was loud. From every positive gain on offense to every tackle on defense, those fans went nuts. The thick glass from the press box muffled the noise, but when we made our way to the field during the 4th quarter. Even after half of the nearly sold out stadium left, it was as loud as ever. After the game clock hit triple zeros, we stood to watch both teams run back through their tunnels, then we followed them to the media press conference of Ryan Day and a few of his players, such as receivers Garrett Wilson and Jaxson Smith-Njigba and starting quarterback C.J. Stroud. After we heard what the coach and his players had to say about their thoughts and views on the game and what they were looking forward to for next week to win once again, our journey ended. All in all, it was a truly breathtaking experience to be able to see the beautiful facilities, walk on the field, and listen first hand to a world class press conference. I would like to thank Mr. Painter and Mr. Tonsoni for giving me this opportunity and for that I am forever grateful.


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