Pac-12: Preview

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Pac-12: Preview

Teams should be in



Both of these teams are seen as pretty much in because they are seen as the elite of the Pac-12. Both of these teams added young players to their rosters which makes them a lock for the tournament this year.

Teams could be in



Arizona State


For all of these teams they have a chance to get in because they can always pick up a big win along the way. They are seen as the teams that need to have a few big wins if they want to get into the tournament.

Long Shots


Oregon State


All of these teams have struggled in the past year and without they aren’t getting the recruiting they need. For any of these teams to make it they will need multiple big game upsets and possibly a few of the big teams to lose more than they are expected.

No Shot



Washington State

These teams have no shot of making the tournament. They have played terrible throughout the past years and it doesn’t seem to be looking up for them in the near future.

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