PAC 12: 2020-21 Preview

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PAC 12: 2020-21 Preview

The PAC 12 conference will be very competitive this year. The question is how many teams will qualify for the tournament. There are a lot of questions and possibilities in the conference this year

Teams that will be in bracket


Arizona St


A clear cut top three to the conference this season. Oregon must replace Payton Prtichard, while UCLA & Arizona St are poised with solid returning players to make a push for the top of the conference

Teams that should be in


The Cardinal return four starters from a team that was on the verge of making the tourney last season. Coach Jerod Haase will lean on incoming Zaire Williams to join those starters in order to make the tourney this year.

Teams that could be in




The Trojans must replace four starters and look to frosh Evan Mobley for such help. Colorado has McKinley Wright as a four year point guard to help out the Buffaloes. The Utes return four starters and despite the loss transfer Both Gach look to push toward March

Long shots to be in



Coach Miller has totally retooled his roster in the middle of NCAA legislative issues. Quade Green returns for the Huskies who went 4-13 in his absence last season.

Team that will surprise: Utah

Team that will disappoint: USC

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