NFL Week 9 Pick-Em

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NFL Week 9 Pick-Em

Texans vs Jaguars

Jaguars 28-17

The Jags this season has had a very optimistic outlook ever since Nick went down in the first game. Gardner has had a great season, and he looks to continue that with his leading receiver in D.J Chark who has also had a great season. The Texans this season has had a ton of ups and downs, and with the loss of star defensive player J.J Watt it is going to be hard to stop the rushing attack of the Jags. Deshawn Watson has been playing pretty well, but his biggest flaws this season are turnovers, he is prone to both fumbles and throwing interceptions. Not to mention the fact that Hopkins has not got much of anything going, Watson has had to look to other places for that offense that Hopkins has always brought. I see much of the same with Jalen Ramsey on Hopkins for the entirety of this game. The Texas air attack came to an end this week and the Jags are able to pound the rock for the win.

Bears vs Eagles

Eagles 24-17

The Eagles are coming off one of the biggest wins all season. They were able to beat the strong defense of the Bills and shut down Josh Allen and their offense. Their run game was strong as they were able to get three different rushers into the endzone. Also, compiling two rushers over 50 yards in rushing. For them to win this game, they will need to continue running the ball well and tear apart this Bears defense which has been notably not good against the running game. The Bears will just be looking to get any kind of offense going as they have had minimal offense created in the first half of the offense. The Eagles, even with a beat up secondary are going to win this week with a big defensive game.

Vikings vs Chiefs

Chiefs 27-21

While the Chiefs are on a three game losing skid, I wouldn’t panic. This team has potential and with Patrick Mahomes returning from injury, you can expect an offensive outburst from this team. This team has potential and now that everyone is returning and becoming healthy I can only see better times for this team. They are facing off against a red hot Vikings offense with Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cooks, and Adam Thelien. These players will make the Chiefs fight for this win as they’ll light the scoreboard up. I think the key for this Chiefs defense is going to be containing Dalvin Cooks to a minimal role in the Viking’s offense. Expect this to be a high scoring game with back and forth lead changes. I think the Chiefs will play good defense and beat this good Vikings team.

Colts vs Steelers

Colts 24-13

The Colts are coming out of last week’s game where they struggled to score points and only put up 15 points. While they didn’t play up to their standards, they won against a good defensive effort from the Broncos. Jacoby Brissett has really come to the forefront as one of the most consistently good NFL quarterbacks, as he has only thrown 3 interceptions all year. I would expect him to play good and try to work the ball down field against this good Steelers defense. We can expect to see a lot of running from the Steelers but don’t count Mason Rudolph out. He played great in the last three quarters of his Monday Night Football game where he was able to bring the Steelers back from a 14 point deficit. I don’t think the banged up Steelers team will be able to get a win against a strong Colts team.

Jets vs Dolphins

Jets 28-24

The Jets in the past two week have seemingly been brought back down to earth with the loss to the Pats and the Jags who both put the hurt on them. The win over the Cowboys is in the rear view mirror and they are seemingly on a free fall at this point. However this looks to be a pick me up game for a team that has had a rough go of it. The Jets look to get the ball to Bell their best player and start to implement more of an aggressive style of defense in order to gain some much needed momentum. There is not much to say about the Dolphins, who have been just terrible all season, and rather the question will be who is at the helm of the offence and the team for that matter. With coaching changes in the past it will be interesting to see if first year coach Brian Flores in allowed to keep his position.

Redskins vs Bills

Bills 27-14

The Bill, although losing last week to the Eagles, should be coming into this week with tons of confidence. They are holding the top wildcard spot at a good record of 5-2 and should be able to push that to 6-2 as they are playing one of the worst teams in the NFL this week. Josh Allen needs to show up and make this offense work, if not, they’ll struggle to win this game. The Redskins lost last week and they’ve only won one game all year and that’s against the winless Dolphins. I would expect a big game from the Bills defense and their team will get a big win to push their playoff hopes one win closer.

Titans vs Panthers

Panthers 21-10

This week I am looking for the Panthers to come out and make a statement after the beating they suffered last week. Regardless of the last week the Panthers have been playing great with Kyle Allen at the helm. The Panthers as off lately have been getting Christan the ball, in all kinds of ways through the pass and the rush game. And the Titans have not been the best at stopping the rush or pass game so it will be interesting to see how the Titans to such an attack. The Titans on offense have been a horror story and it looks to be much of the same this week with no real end in sight for this slippery slope. Derrick Henry has been a bright spot in the team, but he is not enough to overpower the Panthers and they end up losing big time in this game. 

Lions vs Raiders

Lions 34-17

The lions this season has been one of the more consistent teams with some unlucky games that have sent them to 3-3-1 losing by 4 and 1 point in season games. Ions have had injuries in the back field but Matt Sataford has stepped up in the passing game. Kenny Golladay has come up big this season with some big catches in clutch moments. That is going to need to continue if they look to win this game. The Raiders on the other hand have not been playing the best, the defense has been iffy. Not to mention the Offense usually comes out and explodes in the first quarter, or they fall flat on their faces and cant put up points for the whole game. The Raiders team is beat up pretty bad, and it is hard to know if they can play well on such week footing. Derek Carr will have to play increasingly well if this team looks to make any sort of impact on this season.

Buccaneers vs Seahawks

Seahawks 28-21

While Russell Wilson didn’t have a big game last week, he still played a great game. He only threw for 182 yards but that was enough to top the struggling Falcons. His ability to open up the run game is incredible and we saw that in full effect last week as they had two rushers over 50 rushing yards. I think there amazing offense will pick apart an already week Buccaneer’s defense. Along with their defense, their QB isn’t playing well at all. He has just been giving the ball to opposing teams as he’s thrown 7 interceptions in the past two games. If this trend continues, the Bucs won’t stand a chance and the Seahawks will get a big win to put them to 7-2 on the year. For the Seahawks, they need to keep winning in order to stay alive as a top wild card team in the NFC as the 49ers are still undefeated.

Packers vs Chargers

Packers 31-14

The Packers, as of right now, can be looked at as the best team in the NFC and possibly the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is playing like an MVP and his running backs have been playing amazing. In the past 4 weeks without Davante Adams, this Packers team has average 32.5 points per game. That stat show the versatility of this offense and how they can adjust to not having their number one star receiver. I would expect to see Aaron Roders tear this defense up and I can’t imagine a struggling Chargers team do well against this strong and versatile Packers defense. The Packer win by a big margin in this do or die game for the Chargers.

Browns vs Broncos

Browns 21-10

This game is going to be an interesting one to say the least, the Browns may be the least consistent team in the NFL and really looks like Baker Mayfield is not the answer. He just simply has turned the ball over too much. The run game for the Browns has been great, except for last week with Nick Chubb fumbling 2 times. He is going to be looking to have a big game against this beat up defense, who hasn’t been at peak performance this season. Looking to the Broncos there is a ton of questions looming around this offense with Joe Flaco at the helm. He has looked good this season at times but seemingly never finds the endzone. With the loss of Emanuel Sanders he is in a world of pain of the receiving end. You also have to wonder if that trade is one that shows a lack of confidence in the ownership. Maybe they are trying to scrap what’s left and make some money for the rebuild that is soon to come. Either way I don’t see them winning and the Browns and Miles Garret having a big game.

Patriots vs Ravens

Patriots 27-10

This is a game that can be interesting in a ton of ways. The reason for this is due to the fact that the Pats are undefeated and there is going to be an inevitable loss soon. Most people can agree that they are the best team in football right now, however their defence has been playing at such a high standard that it is going to be hard to keep it up. Tom and the offense has been playing well with the new addition of Sanu and his ability to make big plays. The ravens on the other hand have been inconsistent and it is going to be interesting to see how Lamar Jackson will be able to take on this amazing defense. I think that it is going to be hard for Jacksin to get anything going forcing throws and not being able to run with the ball like he usually does. Not to mention Tom Brady is coming of a great week in which he was moving well in the pocket and consistently finding Edelman from the slot and wide out.

Cowboys vs Giants

Cowboys 28-21

This game is going to be ever so important for the Cowboys, this can be the week that the Cowboys make themselves the team that we all saw them as after week 3. The main thing that the fans are wanting to see is Dak throwing the ball down the field. This team is clearly ran through him and Zeek, and if one is off it is very hard for the team to score points. I see the passing game as an opportunity for Zeek to get some easy yards, instead of the hard wear and tear he has been going through with his recent games. On the other hand you have a new QB who is clearly trying to get a grip on the NFL and by all standards is doing a swell job. The thing that I am worried about for them is the attack of Zeek who will pound the ground, will the Giants defense be able to stop him? The same question goes for the Cowboys, for me it is clear that the Cowboys defense is better especially with the linebackers who have been hibernating for the last couple of games but I see coming out in a big way in this game.


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