NFL Week 11 Pick Em

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NFL Week 11 Pick Em

Jets vs Redskins

Jets 21-13

This is the don’t watch game of the week. Trust me when I say this, this game will contest for one of the worst games all year. With Sam Darnold seeing ghost and the Redskins not being able to find a consistent Qb to lead there very unsuccessful operation, I find this game to be a waste of time for anyone watching. I would expect nothing less than an average game where each Qb will throw for a least one pick. I am picking the Jets to win this but not by much. They will win this in a last quarter td to seal the game.

Jaguars vs Colts

Jaguars 28-17

Coming into this week, the Jaguars are struggling but with return of Nick Foles this team can turn things around. The AFC South is a wide open conference at this point in the season with the Colts struggling as of late and the Texans early season struggles. With Nick Foles commanding this team, expect this Jaguars team to have a whole new offense and try to tear apart this Colt’s defense. For the Colts, they are struggling as of late and injuries have been the biggest problem. Brissett and Hilton should return this week and fix most of these problems. I think the Jaguars will play a good game this week and boost themselves to a win over the Colts.

Bills vs Dolphins

Bills 21-13

Although, the Dolphins are coming off a huge win over Indianapolis, they still are a 2-7 team. Their team has looked better but the win over the Colts was forced by the absence of T.Y. Hilton and Jacoby Brissett which was very noticeable. Expect to see the Bills dominate in a fashion we haven’t seen them yet. They are coming off a huge loss to the Browns and I think they will be playing more aggressive and looking to put it to their divisional rival. Josh Allen will step up and make the big plays that will push this team to the win and a 7-3 record.

Cowboys vs Lions

Cowboys 28-10 

The Cowboys are a good team this year that has hit some patches of inconsistency and managed to lose to some not so good teams.  However they are a solid team as of late, playing some high quality football and managing to squeak out some wins. With the lions not being one of the best teams in the NFL it is hard to see them making any progress in the league, or in the win category. Without their starting QB it will be hard for them to get anything going through the air. Not to mention the ground game hasn’t been anything to talk about. The Cowboys, on the other hand, have one of the better rushing teams in the league With Zeek leading the charge behind that huge offensive line. This game is going to be summed up on the ground, if the Lions can find a way to out rush the Boys then it will go to them, However I do not see it going that way and the Cowboys take over this game.

Texans vs Ravens

Ravens 31-28

This is by far my favorite match up of the week. Having two of the top candidates for MVP involved, I am thinking this will be an offensive shootout between them. For the Ravens, Lamar Jackson, who has run the ball better than any other Qb in the history of the NFL. I don’t see that slowing down at all as this Texan’s defense has struggled to stop even the worst NFL offenses. For the Texans, the key to winning fall directly on Deshaun Watson. He will need to prove his worth once more and silence the critics who have doubted his ability to keep up with the best of the best. Overall, the Ravens will win this match up because of the dynamic offense that has time and time again proved to be genius and successful. Like we saw last week, they could casually run a triple option with three Heisman winners involved. Look for these tricky plays and watch the Raven creative offensive scheme. 

Falcons vs Panthers

Falcons 21-17 

The Falcons are coming of one of the biggest upsets of the whole season, playing like their heads were on fire. The came out and ran the ball exceptionally well and where able to use their defense in order to win the time of possession.  If the Falcons can play like they did last week then this game will go hard in their favor. On the other side of this conversation is the panthers and their inability to score using any means necessary, it is all to Christan and no one else. I don’t even know that I would say Josh Allen has won these games, anyone can dump it off to the safety plug and watch him average 15 yards after the catch. The only way the Panthers win this game is if they get the passing game going to someone other than Christan. I don;t see this happening and I think that the Falcons will come out on top with a large porting of the yards in the run game and Matt Ryan having a decent game.

Saints vs Buccaneers

Saints 30-17

This is going to be a game to watch for a whole list of reasons. The Saints last week dropped a literal egg last week and are looking to rebound from it this week and make a statement. The Buccaneers have played fairly well this season and for me have exceeded expectations and still look to improve for the end of the season. I honestly can see this game going in either direction, however I find it hard that Drew will allow his team to drop 2 straight especially after their bye week. Not to mention the Saints are still coming into their own with some injuries that where had early on in the season for Drew and Alvin who just came back last week. Working him back into the lineup last week was an interesting thing and really took a long part of the game to make an impact. However this game will be dictated by him and Drew’s ability to throw the ball across the middle of the field. 

Broncos vs Vikings

Vikings 31-21

The Vikings are the team right now in the NFC. They have played great over their past few weeks allowing Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cooks to both flourish. Last week in the win over Dallas, the early pass game allowed Dalvin Cooks to run the ball late and maintain the lead they had gained. This game plan has lead to them holding one of the wildcard spots behind their division leading Packers. For the Broncos, expect to see some big plays from Courtland Sutton. He has been the main receiver for this team ever since the departure of Emmanuel Sanders. The Vikings will win this game and continue their dominance in the run and pass game.

Cardinals vs 49ers

49ers 33-10

The 49ers have been a solid team all year with last week being their first loss this season. They are looking to rebound and rally back to fish the latter half of the season the same way they started it. However, their schedule is looking very tough and it will be a test of their ability to make it through the rest for the season. The Cardinals have had a rough season and look to turn it around with the edition of Drake in the backfield. However, I don’t see that being enough this week with the 49ers defense that has been locked down all year. I see the 9ers rolling in this game and handing the Cardinals another loss to add to their resume.

Patriots vs Eagles

Patriots 28-17

The Pats are one of the best teams in the NFL right now and arguably the best team in the league, they are coming off a bye and a loss to the Ravens in which their team had a hard time stopping the run. The Pats had a good second half in which they were able to cut down a 15 point lead, it was a botched game and they look to move on from that with a big win over the Eagles. This is going to be a huge stretch for the Pats with a tough schedule and some proving to do. However I see Tom Brady out playing Carson and leading the Pats to a huge win. With Sun coming up clutch just as he did against the Ravens in their losing attempt. That still goes to his game changing ability in which he had nearly 10 catches for a chunk of yard. On the other side of the ball you have the Eagles who have been wishy washy this season but as of late have been preat solid on both sides of the ball. However I don’t think that Ertz and the Eagles will be able to compete against this defense who is coming back with a vengeance.

Bengals vs Raiders

Raiders 28-10

The Raiders are one of the most underrated team in the NFL. They have played great so far this season compiling big win against the Lions, Chargers, and even the Colts. This team has exceeded all expectations and proved all the NFL wrong about them not being good without Antonio Brown. This week they should be able to cruise through and get and easy win against the winless Bengals. All the talk around this Bengals team has been either A.J. Green or the Qb situation. I don’t think the Raiders will struggle to shut down Jeff Driskel who was barely able to get his team to 1 TD last week against the Lions, a team who is notably struggling right now. The Raiders will get this win and improve to 6-4 on the year.

Bears vs Rams

Rams 21-10 

It is hard to tell in this game who is the bigger disappointment this season. The team that just got beat in the Super Bowl, or the playoff favorites who can’t seem to have more than 100yd in the first half of the game. For the Rams it is the lack of the run game, with Todd it is hard to see how the run isn’t working, but this team has seemingly self destructed in front of everyone. Goff is not playing well and those weapons on the outside are now nullified because the only thing they do is pass the ball. Every game for them is a bad one, they have to drop back 30 to 50 times a game to even stand a chance, then comes the turnovers, which have plagued this team since game one. Coming off the loss last week I want to see the team find a way to pound the ball, find a way to get the Franchise, Todd involved in the game. The thing is, if they don’t run the ball well they will get spanked and find out what the bears pass rush is all about. Theirs not much to say about the Bears offense, it is non existante and I don’t feel like Mitchell is the answer, I feel that they need to look elsewhere.

Chiefs vs Chargers

Chiefs  34-17

This game is going to be a very interesting one to tuned into to, both the Chiefs and the Chargers have had an interesting season to say the least, and with the return of Melvin the Chargers have looked incredible. Not to mention this season has not been kind to the Chiefs defense, making it hard for Patrick to keep up with the opposing team and their ease of scoring. The one way that I see the Chiefs losing is if the Chargers are able to get the rushing game going and pounding the ball with Gordon. This keep that inefficient defense on the field and easily moved by that big line for the Chargers. On the other hand you have one of the best defensive fronts in the game of football in Joey Bosea and Melvin Ingram who have been great so far this season. Opposing them will be the most electric offense in the game with Hill and Watckins with Travis making huge plays all over the field. I see this being too much for the Chargers D to keep up with.

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