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NFL Pick Em

Redskins at Titans

Prediction-Titans 21-13

Thoughts-The Titans are still in the hunt to make the playoffs and after shutting out the Giants they keep that hope alive as they improve to 8-6. The Redskins are coming off a win against the Jaguars but it seems they are in a tight race to make the playoffs.

Raven at Chargers

Prediction-Chargers 28-14

Thoughts-This Chargers team is looking great as they have won four straight and there last one was at the Chiefs. The Ravens are fighting for the AFC playoff spot but I see them falling short this week as they would need to shutdown a confident Philip River.

Buccaneers at Cowboys

Prediction-Cowboys 28-21

Thoughts-The Cowboys are coming off a tough loss where they couldn’t find the endzone but I think they can bounce back against a bad defense in the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers can’t seem to win on the road as they have only won once in seven road games.

Vikings at Lions

Prediction-Vikings 31-21

Thoughts-The Vikings played great with there new offensive coordinator and they involved Dalvin Cook in the game plan as they breezed to a win against the Dolphins. The Lions are just having a bad season and they just lost to the Bills who are arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Falcons at Panthers


Thoughts-The Falcons are rolling after beating the Cardinals 40-14 in a blowout. The Panthers are down a QB as Cam Newton will sit out the last two games of the season. They will need big performances from Christian Mccaffrey and Luke Kuechly on defense. 

Texans at Eagles

Prediction-Texans 28-21

Thoughts-The Texans have been on a tear and it looks like they could be the number two seed in the AFC playoffs. The Eagles played out of their minds when they beat the Rams in an underdog match up.

Giants at Colts

Prediction-Colts 24-13

Thoughts-The Colts have been playing tremendous as of late and continued their hot streak as they smoked the Cowboys 23-0. The Giants will be looking to ruin the Colts playoff chances but it will be difficult to see them do that as they’ve been without Odell Beckham for 2 weeks now.

Bengals at  Browns

Prediction-Browns 21-17

Thoughts-The Browns are streaking late in the season and making a slim push to make the playoffs but this late in the season their playoffs chances are not in their hands.

Bills at Patriots

Prediction-Patriots 28-21

Thoughts-The Patriots are working on attaining the number 2 seed in the AFC but those chances lessened last week as they lost to the Steelers. The Bill will just be looking to get a useless win as they are already out of playoff contentions.

Packers at Jets

Prediction-Packers 21-14

Thoughts-The Packer flopped this season as they’ve ultimately put up a 5-8-1 record which is almost as bad as the Bills. The Jets put up a good fight in their game at the Texans but ultimately fell short of beating them in a game where DeAndre Hopkins went off.

Jaguars at Dolphins

Prediction-Dolphins 21-10

Thoughts-The Dolphins playoff hope worsen as they lost to the Vikings in a game that wasn’t even close. The Jaguars continue to lose and this week they lost to the QBless Redskins. 

Bears at 49ers

Prediction-Bears 28-14

Thoughts-The Bears have been playing great football and have clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2010, so as long as their defense can continue to play good then they’ll keep winning. The 49ers pulled off the upset last week when they beat the Seahawks in an overtime thriller.

Rams at Cardinals

Prediction-Rams 21-17

Thoughts-The Rams are on a two game losing streak but I see them bouncing back this week and picking on the 3-11 Cardinals. The Cardinals are trying to come back from a devastating defeat where they allowed the Falcons to score 40 points.

Steelers at Saints

Prediction-Steelers 31-28

Thoughts-The Steelers, who just beat the Patriots, will be looking to grasp their playoff spot and maybe knock off the Saints who are currently leading the NFC with the best record. The Saints are getting back into shape but will need Drew Brees and the rest of the offense to step up if they want to win against a strong team in the Steelers.

Chiefs at Seahawks

Prediction-Seahawks 24-21

Thoughts-The Seahawks are one of the upset ready teams and I see them making a great game to strengthen their run for the playoffs. The Chiefs have been playing great football and as of late it hasn’t been as good but still good enough to win games.

Broncos at Raiders

Prediction-Broncos 24-13

Thoughts-The Broncos should be able to win with a solid defensive performance from their team. The Raiders are also out the playoffs so if they win it just is a throw away game and one more game they won this year.

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