NFL Pick-Em Week 6

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NFL Pick-Em Week 6

Panther vs Buccaneers

Panthers 21-17

This in my eyes is going to be one of the most underrated games of the week. The Panthers with Allen at the helm have been 3-0 and he is looking to be a better option than Newton. The only issue with this offense is the fact that it all runs through Christan, who basically is the whole team at this point. Like in the first time they met I fear that there will be an inability to run the game through him. If the Bucs find a way to stop 22 then it will force Allen to try and keep up with an explosive Bucs offense. If this game gets into a shoot out then I find no way that the Panthers can come out on top, but I look to the defense to try and put a stop to this offense of the Bucs that has been on a tear in the past weeks. So with the ball in the offenses hads for much longer it will be hard to Isolate 22 and he could end up having a huge week.

Redskins vs Dolphins

Redskins 21-10

Wow, this might be the matchup of the year. Both of these teams are winless through 5 weeks of the NFL season. Expect to see change in the game plan of the Redskins. We saw afters Sunday’s pitiful performance, Jay Gruden was fired and they named Bill Callahan the interim head coach. With a new Coach, I think this team can turn it around and get their first win of the season. For the Dolphins, It’s not looking very good at all and they haven’t made any changes except for trading one terrible quarterback in the lineup for another one. The Redskins should win this matchup but I promise you no one and I say no one will care or even want to watch this game.

Saints vs Jaguars

Saints 25-17

The Saints have been so impressive under the rule of Bridgewaters and look to do much of the same with or without Brees. The reason that they are able to win is the offense, if it’s not Kamara’s game, then Thomas comes through. Unless you are a top tier team in the NFL you can cover and stop two complete units that can change the game in one play. Playing against the Jaguars, I think the Saints to look more to the run game to wear the defense down then maybe attempt those deep shots to get some momentum. I think this game is going to be a lot closer than most. Minshew has proved so much this year playing like a true pro. He is finding his niche in this team and if he keeps playing like this he will give the Saints a run for their money. 

Bengals vs Ravens

Ravens 21-10

This season for the Bengals and Dalton has been one to forget. They are having a huge problem with the protection of Dalton and it has shown visually with Dalton expressions. The games have not gone their way and they are looking for a pick up game, but that’s exactly what the Ravens are doing as well. The Ravens are not feeling too hot about the game in Pittsburg being one that they should have lost. So this game can be a big one to pick them up and get them back on track. They had an amazing start to the season and it is very important for them to come out strong with the passing game showing that Jackson can really pass the ball. He has shown that he can against the lesser teams and that is what he is getting this week, so maybe this will be all it takes to get them going once again with that high powered offense.

Seahawks vs Browns

Seahawks 31-10

The Seahawks are on a roll after last week’s win against the Rams were Russell Wilson left little to be desired. He is putting together an MVP season to this point being one of the few QB’s to have thrown 0 interception. I see him doing much of the same in this game, with the damaged secondary of the Browns I see it being hard for them to stop the passing attack. That’s not to mention the game that Chris Carson had, he is a workhorse that manages to find seams and work his way through tackles. On the other side of the ball the Seahawks played a great game in pass coverage holding Goff to 1 TD and picing him off as well. The Browns, on the other hand have had a rough past week with Baker playing terribly and getting nothing going on the offensive side of the ball. This defense that they are going to go up against this week is going to be far better than that of the 49ers, so I look for this to be a solid game for the Seahawks. 

Eagles vs Vikings

Vikings 31-21

The Vikings finally broke out in the pass game and seeing they are facing the banged up secondary of the Eagles, they will be continuing there uprising trend of passing success. Kirk Cousin connected with Adam Thielen 7 times for 130 yards and two touchdowns. I guess in the case of Thielen, he should complain about how poorly his quarterback is playing and he’ll have a good week. The Eagles, while their defense looked good against the Jets, will probably struggle against a good offense in the Vikings team. Expect a good week from everyone on the Viking as they should win this tough matchup.

Texans vs. Chiefs

Chiefs 45-31

The Chiefs, while coming off a loss, will steam roll over this team. Patrick Mahomes was dealing with injuries for the game all of last week’s game. As long as he is healthy this week he is going to make a joke of this Texans defense. Also, with the return Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes will light up the scoreboard deep down the field as they have a way of connecting like other star receiver and quarterback duos. The Texans are coming off a huge game where they scored 53 points. Deshaun Watson is already starting off this game with confidence and I expect him to carry that over into this week but come up a bit short and lose to the strong offense of the Chiefs.

Falcons vs Cardinals

Falcons 31-28

I have the Falcons in this game based on one main thing, Murray is not as good as Matt Ryan. I have Matt Ryan going off in this game and breaking out of his first half slumps this season. These slow starts have coasted them major games and are responsible for their lack luster season. The Cardinals are a team that is really struggling to find its identity. They have struggled through the air with Kyler Murray still trying to get a grip on the NFL and the level of skill that is possed there. I think that Murray is going to have to learn from his mistakes and also learn that handing the ball over to David Johnson is not always a bad thing. It is a key to a good passing game and can take a lot of pressure off of Murray who need all the breathing room he can get.

49ers vs Rams

49ers 31-24

The 49ers played like a playoff team against the Browns in Monday Night Football. Their defensive linemen were tearing up the offensive line of the Browns and putting pressure on Baker Mayfield all night. While Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t forced to play like an MVP, he played well to complement the strong run game of their team. For their division rival, the Rams picked up a loss against the Seahawks in a close game on Thursday Night Football. The Rams haven’t played like last year’s team by any means. If the 49ers come in with the same drive as they did against the Browns, they will pick up a big time divisional win.

Titans vs Broncos

Broncos 24-17

The Titans are coming off a tough loss to a good Bills. They didn’t play great and their offense is still struggling. Marcus Mariota was 13 for 22 with 183 pass yards in the day. He struggled to get anything going for that offense. For the Broncos, the key to winning is integrating the passing game into their strong running offense. Joe Flacco should be able to get open receivers, the question is can he throw to them in open space. I think the Broncos will come out of this week with another win and pick up their second win.

Cowboys vs Jets

Cowboys 21-10

This game is going to be a throwback to the start of the season where Prescott and the boys were able to pummel the bad teams that they play. They have been on a downhill slide as of late and look to make a turn around with this game. I look for Prescott to try and get into a rhythm, and to make better decisions with the ball. As of late he has handed the ball to the defense to many times to make it manageable to beat good teams. The Jets on the other hand have been this way all season they have no identity and are looking to Bell in order to solve all. He is that type of player but not without any support, there has to be some type of passing game if this is going to work. The Jets may get a score, but it is going to be hard for Bell to make an impact against this inspired defense, looking for a win after the Aaron Jones incident last week,  where they gave up 4 touchdowns to him.

Steelers vs Chargers

Chargers 28-17

This game is going to be one of the more important games to track, not because it is a must win for either team, but rather how is Melvin Gordon going to be factored into this game. Melvin Gordon made his return to the team last week with minimal impact and questions arose about his playing time. We know that he has not had a tin of time with this offence, but we have to wonder if the team is trying to move on to a less aggravating option. Austin has been an amazing replacement for this team, but he does lack some of the qualities that Gordon does, especially big play capability. This all is not to mention the fact that the league’s leading receiver had minimal gains and really had no success in last week’s game. This team relies on the offense in order to win a game with a sub par defense. However they are playing a team with a 3rd string QB and on the verge of a collapse. They had last weeks game in the bag but manage d to throw it all away after a great defensive showing for the Steelers.

Lions vs Packers

Packers 27-13

After last weeks performance where Aaron Jones was able to tear up the defense of the Cowboys, you can expect to see this whole offense bloom and be the best they’ve been all year. Aaron Rodgers is playing well and just because he isn’t finding the end zone doesn’t mean this team is flopping. Jones should be able to tear up this defense who is rated one of the worst teams against the run. For the Lions, this season has gone much better than they had ever expected. They have only lost one game all year and that was to the recently defeated Chiefs. Although they hold a good record, I can’t see the Lions competing with this Packers offense and that’s why the Packers will win.

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