NFL Pick-Em Week 5

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NFL Pick-Em Week 5

Jets vs Eagles

Eagles 25-13

Carson Wentz is leading this team in the right direction after getting a key win on Thursday night. They improved their record to 2-2, which puts them in striking distance of 1st place in the NFC East. They showed the power their offense is capable of and they beat the Packers in a game where defense was little for them. They’re facing the 0-3 Jets who in my opinion won’t be a challenge and the Eagles will get an easy win.

Jaguars vs Panthers

Jaguars 21-13

All you can say is Minshew Mania! The Jaguars have started the season 2-2 being led by backup QB, Gardner Minshew. He has been leading this team with great poise as they have been fully behind him without their starting QB Nick Foles. They are facing off against the Panthers who are also 2-2 with a backup QB. I believe that the Jaguars will win this week in a tough match up. Minshew Mania will ride on and carry this team to a win.

Vikings vs Giants

Giants 21-10

Let’s face it the only offense the Vikings have is Dalvin Cook who when defenses figure it out does a whole lot of nothing. The pass game for the Highest paid QB in the NFL has to be improved and the offense need to get creative in order to get Kirk some confidence in the pass game. I see the new phenom in Daniel Jones pushing forward and continuing to impress New York fans and the coaching staff for the Giants. It is pretty impressive to say that they win with the face of the team missing in Saquon. However Shepard has been playing well and so has the big target in Evan who is looking to bounce back from a quiet week. 

Falcons vs Texans

Falcons 24-12

The Falcons record may not show it but Matt Ryan has been playing incredible in the second half of each game. He has been able to bring his team back in most of the weeks scoring on average 2 touchdowns in the second half of these games. They are facing off against a struggling team led by Deshaun Watson, who has managed to flop more this year than the Falcon is the second half of Super Bowl LI. They haven’t been passing the ball well at all and the run game isn’t working either because they relied on their deep threats to open up the run game. I don’t see the Texans scoring much in this match up and that will lead to a second half full of bombs thrown by Matt Ryan. The Falcon will win this game in a late comeback fashion.

Saints vs Buccaneers

Saints 28-17

In reality all the odds are against the saints, with Winston playing well and that whole offense establishing itself as a superpower in the league. However the Saints in my mind have a better overall core group of players. With Alvin at the forefront of the offense and Wake having a huge impact on the defense and their operation. The Saints have been playing well and Alvin it to thank for that, he is a work horse and is going to have to continue to carry the load on offense with Teddy needing some confidence before launching the ball against the Buccaneers offense. However I see the  Saints defense and Eli Apple putting a stop to Mike and once again making the Buccaneers run through Chris Godwin.

Bills vs Titans

Titans 31-14

Yes, I know the Bills were undefeated up until last week’s loss against the Patriots, who arguably have one of the best defenses in NFL history. But, hear me out, they are without a starting QB, Josh Allen,  who has led this team with poise and keep them in a close game with the Patriots. Instead of Josh Allen, they have Matt Barkley who, lets just face it, isn’t good. The Bills may have started good but without Josh Allen, there is no way they win even against a decent team. The Titans will come into this game and mop the floor with Matt Barkley and the undermanned Bills.

Cardinals vs Bengals

Cardinals 21 – 17 

The Cardinals are struggling hard, and the same is to be said about the Bengals, they both are trying to find their identity as a team. For the Bengals it has been an ongoing struggle for Andy Dalton to have a clean pocket, and without A.J Green, he has been having a rough finding his number one target. On the other hand Kyler Murray is trying to find his slot in the league, he needs to learn to rely more on his star running back to take some of the pressure off his passing game. The defense for both teams needs some work, and overall the Bengals have had their defense on the field way too often. I think that is David Johnson is able to get more involved in this game it may be enough to sway the game in favor of the Cardinals. However if Andy Dalton is able to get going in the passing game it could be a long day for that Cardinals defense.

Patriots vs Redskins

Patriots 21-10

The Redskins have been struggling on offense and may look to institute a new QB in the coming weeks. The only issue with that is the Pats defense, arguably the best red zone defense in the NFL. With a struggling Case Keenum I don’t see it likely that the Redskins turn around their losing season. The good news for Pats fans is the protection for Brady, he has not had to play out of his mind in the past weeks. Him not taking hits is the Franchise winning, and Tom not having to try so hard to come back has to help with his overall health. The past week in Buffalo he stuttered but there was his defense there to pick him up and show that Tom is not the only winning condition for this very diverse team.

Ravens vs Steelers 

Ravens 31-14

This year the Raven’s were looking like runaways with their division with two relatively easy wins. Then they faced off against the Chiefs and Browns which they lost to in a bad way. Each of these games pressured Lamar Jackson and he cracked under the pressure. I think they’ll bounce back and win this week against a 1-3 Steelers team who is struggling but got a win in Monday Night Football against and arguably worse team in the Bengals. I think that James Conner will get a big workload but his team will ultimately fall because they can’t throw the ball much against the strong secondary of the Ravens.

Raiders vs Bears

Raiders 20-10

The Raiders have been a very up and down type of team that likes to play off momentum. Carr has played some good games and some bad ones, it is a question that is yet to be answered, whether he will be able to find consistency. On the other side of the ball the defense is going to be missing a key part in Vontaze Burfict who has been suspended for the rest of the season. They feed off the home crowd and with a backup QB I don’t see the Bears getting too much of anything going. The bears Defense on the other hand is going to thrive, especially for the first half. That is until Mack get subbed out for rest. We sell it with Aaron Donald in the Thursday night game. When he got rested the game got out of hand, he alone is a key part to stopping the Raiders Offense. However in the latter half of the game I see the Raider finding a way to put points on the Board and taking this game.

Broncos vs Chargers

Chargers 24-21 

With the return of Melvin Gordon, this Charger offense will be much more dynamic and be able to pass the ball with more success. Looking into this game the Broncos are without Bradley Chubb who has been a strong asset to this teams defensive line. I think we can look to the Chargers run game to decide whether or not they’ll win this game. Ultimately, the Broncos haven’t stopped the run game effectively this year and I believe the Chargers will get this win.

Packers vs Cowboys

Cowboys 21-10

The packers have been an interesting team this year with great performances in the first half of games, and finding a way to slow down and produce nothing in the 3rd quarter and even into the start of the 4th. that is an awful long time for that defense to be on the field and it can be easily worn down by Zeke and the Cowboys O-line. However it is hard to bet against the Packers and Arron Rogers and his offense, but that’s not what we are doing, because his main target will be sitting this one out. Davante Adams will be sitting out with an injury, and the Packers are left to Aaron Jones in the backfield and what thin receiving core they have left. On the other hand there is the Cowboys who are looking to bounce back to the first loss of the season where Dak played terribly and is looking for a target in Cooper who was shut down in the contest last week. I see Zeke wearing down the Packers defense and finding a way to carry the Cowboy to a victory. OF course there will be help for one of the best line backing crew in the NFL.

Chiefs vs Colts

Chiefs 45-31

The Chief are among the last 3 teams to hold an undefeated record. Along with that feat, Patrick Mahomes is 2 touchdowns away from yet another record. The record is he will be the first QB to ever throw for 12+ touchdowns and 1500+ yards in the first 5 weeks of a season. On the other side of the picture, you have Jacoby Brissett who is filling in for the now retired Andrew Luck. This is a pretty obvious game on who will win. The Chiefs should run away with this and get a big prime time win. The Colts will be producing most of their offense from the pass game. This will be a shootout and I think the defense will be the key to this win. Whatever defense is able to make the most, will win this game.

Browns vs 49ers

Browns 28-24

This is going to be one of the more underrated games of the week with Browns fans still wondering which Baker is going to show up to the field. The Rush has really began to show off Bakers Potential, and even with the Pic that he threw in week 4 he had a solid week, silencing some of the hatters. However his main issue is holding onto the ball, if he is able to get quick throws off to Landry and OBJ then I see this game going in favor of the Browns. Like I said though who know what team will show up against the 49ers who have had a great season. Jimmy G has had the start he was looking for with no hesitation from last years injury, But Fans gasp when they see him leave the pocket to try and make something happen. I look for Kittle to get more involved in the passing game in order to take some of the pressure of the run game and open some deep shot against linebackers in coverage.


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