NFL Pick-Em Week 4

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NFL Pick-Em Week 4

Redskins vs Giants

Giants 24-14

The Giants went to 1-2 on the year as they got their first win last week. Although they played the Buccaneers, Daniel Jones showed out and proved that he is able to run this offense even without Saquon Barkley. They’ll be running their offense without him for 4-8 weeks as he is out with a high ankle sprain. The Redskins have played better than expected this year and Case Keenum has helped make this team run. The Giants should win this but Daniel Jones will need to perform and get the ball moving.  

Chiefs vs Lions

Chiefs 31-24

The Chiefs are off to one of the best starts in this franchises history. Patrick Mahomes yet again threw for 300+ yards and was able to take down a strong team in the Ravens. Both these teams are undefeated going into this week but the Lions are 2-0-1 while the Chiefs are 3-0. The Chiefs are proving to be one of the most dominant teams in the league as they’ve paved their way to 3-0. The Chiefs are going to win this game with ease and put the lions in their place.

Titans vs Falcons

Falcons 27-21

Although the Falcon have been struggling, I see them getting a must needed win at home against the Titans. Matt Ryan didn’t look good in the first half of last week’s game but was able to bounce back and threw for three touchdowns in the second half. The Titans lost in a terribly played game in Thursday Night Football. Despite Marcus Mariota throwing for 300 yards they were only able to score once all night on a rushing touchdown. The Falcons should be able to run over the defense of the Titans since the Jaguars were able to do so in Thursday Night Football.

Browns vs Ravens

Ravens 31-17

The Ravens are coming off a tough loss to one of the best teams in the league. Lamar Jackson struggled to get much going in the first half but eventually got the ball rolling late in the 4th quarter. Mark Ingram was able to have a good day while racking up three touchdowns. The Browns didn’t play well against the Rams in the spotlight of Sunday Night Football. Baker Mayfield hasn’t lived up to the hype put behind him and this team. They’ve let down their fan base down. The Ravens will win this a big way and bring confidence back to their star QB.

Raiders vs Colts

Colts 21-10 

The Colt came into this season with low expectations and no starting QB. But they have turned heads and Jacoby has really impressed Colts Fans. He in some peoples opinion has done a better job than Luck, but that’s beside the point that they keep winning. With a season that should be 3 and 0 if not for the early struggles by Adam. Along with that goes the hot start for the Raiders that was soon put out by the Chiefs and Vikings who stepped on their throats. The Raiders have a bad offense and their defense is looking worse with the injuries that have crippled their linebackers.

Patriots vs Bills

Patriots 28-10

The pats have started out to a 3 and 0 season same as the Bills, but in a different way. The pats have dominated in every game and in most people’s eyes sit atop the NFL. The loss of Edelman may have a decent impact on this game though, with only Gordon and Dorset to throw to Tom may be limited. On the other hand you have a team in the Bills that are just finding a way to win, they have a knack for the right play at the right time. How ever the have no played a team that can pose a threat like the pats on both sides of the ball. I think the Pats defense has a big role in this game with Josh Allen being punished for his slight miscues that he has got away with in the first 3 games.

Panthers vs Texans

Texans 27-17

Deshaun Watson isn’t playing like he is expected. He hasn’t been able to connect with his star receiver in DeAndre Hopkins for any big plays. The run game isn’t working either but they are winning games and their defense is performing without the star power they’ve had in the past. The Panther played great last week but played a not so good team in the Cardinals. They were without Cam Newton but able to win in a big way. They but up 38 points and Greg Olsen showed he’s still a viable option on this offense. They will be without Newton again this week and against a better team they won’t be able to compete and will get beat. 

Chargers vs Dolphins

Chargers 21-10

The Dolphins will remain defeated after this week, and the way it’s looking for the whole season. They are just not up to par with the rest of the NFL, and it is really showing in the scores. There has been talk of the Dolphins throwing just to secure the first pick of the draft. But who knows, for all we can tell, they just don’t want to be out on the field. I don’t see it getting better any time soon, against the high powered offense of the Chargers. The game will consist of both RBs getting carries and Rivers throwing the acational 3rd down pass. The only way that the Dolphins win is if Josh Rosen can somehow find his receivers early and start Drake on the ground in the second half against a depleted charges defense.

Buccaneers vs Rams

Rams 28-10

The rams have been rolling this season with great play from the defense and Aaron Donald who has been able to disrupt offenses this season. He looks to do much of the same against the o-line of the bucs. However Winston is looking to find his main target in Mike Evans who had 3 td’s losing attempt vs the Giants. The Rams are a more sound team than the Bucs and will attack the young secondary which has been very shaky this season. For them covering Brandon Cooks my be a big issue down the stretch. So I have Jared Goff having a huge game in the air with Todd getting limited carries in a game that will be decided through the air.

Seahawks vs Cardinals

Seahawks 31-21

Russell Wilson was on a tear in the last game against the Saints, scoring 4 TD’s with 2 in the air and 2 on the ground. He was shredding the Saints defense and has further progressed in reading coverage.  The Cardinals on the other hand have been struggling to find Kyler’s spot in the passing game with a lose to the back up starter in Carolina. His performance has been promising, but he has not put it all together in one effort leaving the cardinals winless. I see nothing but the same out of this game, a rookie vs a veterian in Russell Wilson.  Looking into this matchup a bit more the read option may be a big factor in keeping the Cardinals defense honest and opening up huge passes to Tyler down the stretch.

Vikings vs Bears

Vikings 31-17

The Vikings, what a team, the only team that can play like a high school team then come out and look like super bowl champs. So it is a bit of a guessing game when it comes to which Vikings team is going to take the field. With the Bear we pretty much no what we got, the worst offense in competitive football but the best defense. The only way it is possible for the Bears to win this game is to stop the run game of Dalvin Cook who has been phenomenal this season. I don’t see it likely though with the highly regarded receiving crew aiding in the offense. With the run game rolling and a single high safety in order to stop the run game, those deep shots to Stefon Diggs seem like a real possibility.

Jaguars vs Broncos

Jaguars 28-10

A lot has been circulation about the Jags new commander and chief. Gardner Minshew has shocked Jags fans with a passer rating of over 100 in his first couple starts. They see a light at the end of the tunnel and it may just be the playoffs. I think that the key to his success has been getting the ball out quick and having confidence in his playmakers. Nothing against the Broncos, and Joe who has been playing well but it is easy to play the hot hand coming into this game. With the Broncos defense not living up to expectations and a load of drops from key receivers have lead to the 0-3 start they did not want.

Cowboys vs Saints

Saints 31-28

This is a big week for both of these teams. For the Cowboys, this is the first actual test of whether or not they are Superbowl contenders. On the other side, the Saints are 2-1 which put them within striking distance from everyone in their division. Last Week, the Saints were able to go out and prove they can win without Drew Brees who will be sidelined for a while. Teddy Bridgewater, who definitely isn’t as good as Brees, was able to throw for 177 yards and two touchdowns. Of course, most of his yards were thrown to Alvin Kamara who racked up 9 catches for 92 yard as a running back. This Cowboys defense is going to struggle to contain Alvin Kamara’s explosive ability to break a game wide open. Also, expect to see Dak Prescott pressured by Cam Jordan and company as the Saints defense is bound to breakout in a big game like this one. Despite the good season we are seeing from the Cowboys, I’m expecting the Saints to win this one in a close game.

Bengals vs Steelers

Bengals 24-17

This is the game for you if you are happy with watching two teams that have started their seasons 0-3. The Steelers are without their star QB, Ben Roethlisberger, and their running back, James Conner, isn’t playing well right now coming off his latest knee injury. The Bengals are mostly healthy but just aren’t playing well in tough situations. Andy Dalton will need to make the big passes when they count if they plan to win this Monday Night Football match up. I personally think Dalton and the Bengals will win this game for the simple reasoning of the Steelers aren’t a fully functioning team and are undermanned.

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