NFL Pick-em Week 3

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NFL Pick-em Week 3

Dolphins Vs Cowboys

Cowboys 35-9

This is, in a sense is a do or die for the Dolphins who are winless this season. After the first two weeks, the Dolphins have some wondering if a win is even in their future. With the new power of the south knocking on the door. Dak has been incredible this season and is looking to continue his success in the passing game against the worst defense in the NFL. I think in the early game Zeke gets a ton of carries and can get ahold of some serious yard. In order to get out in front of this the Dolphins will have to fix the passing game. They’ll need to show dynamic between passing and throwing to make both parts of their offense accelerate.

Bengals Vs Bills

Bills 27-21

The Bills are 2-0 to start the season and I’ll bet no one predicted that. Josh Allen is playing like a top 10 quarterback and proving all the haters wrong. I think they’ll continue this winning streak into week three because the Bengals haven’t been a strong team this year. Week one they lost to the Seahawks in a close one where everything was reliant on Andy Dalton’s arm. In week two, they were blown out in dramatic fashion as the 49ers steam rolled them. I don’t see Andy Dalton doing well under all this pressure and they will lose yet again but this time to the Bills.

Lions Vs Eagles

Eagles 24-13

The Eagles are coming off a tough loss on Sunday Night Football to the Falcons. They’ll be looking to rebound and beat the “undefeated” Lions. Carson Wentz will need to step up but their running backs need to pick up the pace and help the offense. The Lions are coming off a huge win against the Chargers but I don’t see them competing with the Eagles who should be in the playoffs this year.

Jets Vs Patriots

Patriots 35-6

This is much like last week, for the Pats at least. The Jets are tied in my mind with the Dolphins for the worst team in the NFL. They have absolutely no offence, with the 3rd string QB in, it is going to be very hard to play against the best defense in all the NFL. I am looking for the Pats to not necessarily run up the score, but rather keep the ball on the ground with 20 carries from Sony once again. I expect the Pats to run this game, and give their opponent no chance what so to make a run on offense. The only light that the Jets have seen all year is their kicker making a field goal on Monday night.

Falcons Vs Colts

Falcons 27-21

This is one of those games where you know who should win, but you have this feeling that something is going to go wrong. After the game with the Eagles, there were some questions about Matt Ryan’s Decision making in the red zone with his three interceptions. That is going to be an ongoing conversation that I fear may put tons of pressure on him to play well. If we are being honest in the first place the Falcons should have never won, with a freak play to Julio Jones on 4th down. But regardless they hushed a lot of critics with that big win, the only question is consistency. In all actuality that is the question for both teams, and with the Colts in taters I see the Falcons coming out on top, but this time I see Matt Ryan racking up the yard and taking control of the game.

Raiders Vs Vikings

Vikings 24-21

This is going to be an overrated matchup this week. The Vikings have underperformed with the passing game this year as Kirk Cousins has been a huge let down and he can’t get into any rhythm. The run game with Dalvin Cooks has carried this offense. Even though this team hasn’t performed, they will be able to get the win over the Raiders who haven’t played great either. The team has all fell to crumble since they had that nasty breakup with star wide receiver Antonio Brown. The Raiders start the game off with a bang weekly but they don’t carry that same energy throughout the whole game. The Vikings can be a tough team to beat if Cousins can step up but even without him they will most likely win this game. 

Ravens Vs Chiefs

Ravens 31-28

The NFL has been turned upside down this year. We’ve seen Dak Prescott pass the ball with meaning, the Bears have a kicker who can make field goals, and one of the most surprising ones yet, Lamar Jackson can pass the ball. The Ravens offense is one of the most surprising things we’ve seen this year. In the first two games of the season they scored a total of 82 points on 7 passing touchdowns. The Chiefs are no surprise a good team again this year. Patrick Mahomes is leading the team with ease and he is setting records while doing it. This game is going to be a shoot out between Mahomes and Jackson and I think the slightly better defense of the Ravens will give them the edge and the ability to win this big game.

Broncos Vs Packers

Packers 24-10

Looking back to Sunday’s game vs the Vikings where the Packers showed what they could really do, but it was in a sample size. We saw Aaron Rogers perform at a high level for the first time in awhile, but it only lasted for about 3 drives in his 21 point push. After that the game felt like it was floating, and the Packers defense really put the team on their back. If this Packers team can begin to mesh and pull it all together they could be a real threat to the NFL in the rage for the Super bowl. The Broncos on the other hand are struggling with the O-line and their rushing game. However Joe Flaco has played pretty well, but without the run game he has not really been able to air out the ball. I see the Packers as just a better team needing to find themselves in this new offense. 

Panthers Vs Cardinals

Cardinals 24-21

The Panthers have had a really bad start to the season, and I don’t see them making the playoffs. However the Cardinals are operated by a young QB and their defense is not good at all. I see McCaffrey having a big game, as the Panthers still run the whole offense through him and his ability. The Cardinals are looking to be a good team this year and I see them winning this game purely of the direction of the Panthers defense. With Cam Newton unsure about playing this week, all bets are off on how bad it could get for the Panthers.

Giants Vs Buccaneers

Buccaneers 17-7

The Giants have been struggling all year and I don’t see it turning around in this game. The Bucs have had a decent start to the season and Bruce is looking to make Jameis a QB yet. Jameis had a good game in week 2 against the Panthers and looks to build on that with the help from his premier coach. Eli Manning is really struggling, and the team has decided to move on and hand the command over to Danie Jones who has little experience, but is expected to exceed expectations. He has all the tools with one of the best RB in the game, along with a good receiving core which happens to be beat up at this point in time. So with the lack of offense and a decent defence I don’t see the Giants being able to keep up with Jameis and the high powered offense of the Buccaneers.

Saints Vs Seahawks

Seahawks 28-17

This is an interesting game, with the saints losing Drew Brees the offense there is little hope for big play capability, and I look for the Saints to keep the ball on the ground with Alvin. The Seahawks have had a decent year but got a bit lucky in the Pittsburgh game with Ben getting hurt, and James also having a questionable game. However they have found a way to win in the first two games, and with the loss of Drew I see all kinds of time of possession for the Seahawks. That brings about a tired and worn out defense that Russell can have his way with the defense.

Texans Vs Chargers

Texans 31-24

Going into this week, both of these teams are looking like wildcard contenders. Neither of them are playing like division winning teams. The Texans were able to get a win on the road against Jacksonville. Now, I wouldn’t brag about that win as the jaguars are being led by a rookie QB and they only won by 1 measly point. The Chargers on the other hand lost to a “undefeated” team in the Lions. They lost by 3 points on a late touchdown from Matt Stafford. I really don’t see much out of this game, as they are both good teams who are playing like the Dolphins. The Texans will win this game but don’t count the Chargers out until the clock hits zero.

Steelers Vs 49ers

49ers 21-14

Jimmy G is leading this crew and they are on a mission to win. Last week they put up 41 on the Bengals and the week before they put up 31 on the Buccaneers. The running backs are moving the ball while Garoppolo is keeping the team up from the backfield. The Steelers will struggle in this game as they’ve lost long time starting QB in BIg Ben. This team can’t operate without him leading and they are also missing star running back, James Conner. The 49ers should win  this game with ease.

Rams Vs Browns

Rams 31-24

Following a big win against the Saints in week 2, the Rams will be going into this matchup confident in their ability to shut down the offense of the Cleveland Browns. Jared Goff is going to need to step up and the coaching staff will need to run the ball with more of a passion. In past weeks, they’ve haven’t had too much trouble stopping high powered offenses. So, they shouldn’t have trouble stopping this struggling offense. 

Bears Vs Redskins

Redskins 24-20

All that can be said about the Bear offense is, wait, they don’t have an offense. Mitch Trubisky has been non existent in these first two weeks, but of course, their defense has carried to a decent record of 1-1. The Redskins may be may be 0-2 but don’t count them out of this game. They have played great in both those games plus their running game has taken hits but stayed in form even with the loss of RB1. The Redskins will win this game and put the Bears to 1-2 and improve to 1-2.

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