NFL Pick-Em Week 2

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NFL Pick-Em Week 2

Cardinals vs Ravens

Ravens 38-17

After the week one performance of the Ravens, it’s hard to imagine what is going to happen when they play.  Meaning of course that I am going to go with the hot hand in Lamar Jackson against the Cardinals. The main problem with the Cardinals is their offense, their run game is dependent upon a decent pass game forcing Kyler Murray to make plays in the passing game. Even if this where the case I just don’t see the Cardinal being able to keep up with the speed and aggression from this newly formed super offense.

Chargers vs Lions

Chargers 24-10

Coming off a long overtime game against the Colts, the Chargers are going to be one of the good yet “struggling” teams this year. They still have no Melvin Gordon or Derwin James, which means they are missing some of the biggest pieces to the overall success of their team. They are facing another undefeated team in the Lions. Well, it’s not as impressive as it sounds because they may not have lost but they didn’t win. They tied! The Lions tied with the Arizona Cardinals. Expect a dominating game from the Chargers and an easy win for Phillip Rivers and company.

Colts vs Titans

Titans 24-17

This is going to be one of the more underrated matches of the week, with the Titans coming off a big win against the hype train Browns. Marcus Mariota was a key component in the victory against the Browns keeping his composure in the pocket, and having that mental clock to get rid of the ball. The Colts on the other hand should have a week one win, that is if they can blow the dust off of Adam Vinatieri and get his leg back into it. In all seriousness the Colts exceeded expectations on the offensive side, however their zone defense really struggled against the veteran QB Philip Rivers. If they can manage to work up a defense to compete with the Titans this game may be turned on its head. 

49ers vs Bengals

49ers 24-21

This matchup is something many fans are looking forward to. While the stars you expect to see may not be in this game, we see young players such as Tyler Boyd, Jimmy Garapplo, and George Kittle shine. I expect to see the 49ers come out and win this game for the reason of they have more talented players. The Bengals just don’t have enough fire power on their team to keep up with this young offense full of talent on the 49ers. The 49ers will win but it will be a somewhat close game with Andy Dalton racking up a good amount of passing yards.

Jaguar vs Texans

Texans 28-10

After a strong showing in week 1, the Texans are 0-1 but shaping out to be one of the best teams in the NFL. The AFC is wide open for them to win as the Titans are the only team this week to win. I expect to see DeAndre Hopkins put in work against the good defense in the Jaguars. Their offense was explosive yet, took a big hit when they lost star quarterback Nick Foles, who is likely to be out till late November. Although, the Texans defense was shaky, I think they’ll come out with a win in this division rivalry.

Viking vs Packers


Week 1 was a week full of unexpected performances and the Viking were nonetheless one of those performances. Running back Dalvin Cook shined as he ran the ball for 111 yards and two touchdowns on only 21 carries. Nobody expected this because all of last years the team could only amass five 100+ yard games. The Packers just were able to scrape the bottom of the barrel and get a win against the Bears. Aaron Rodgers didn’t look to good in that season opener but luckily for him the Bear’s offense wasn’t good either. I think we’ll see the Viking come out with a win and take the lead in their division.

Cowboys vs Redskins

Cowboys 31-24

I have this game going down as the most underrated game of the week. With the Redskins needing to finish out games and Dak Prescott and the Cowboys needing to get Zeke Elliot rolling. Although the Redskins blew their 21 point lead to the Eagles, I see some light in their offense and the fact that they can be very explosive. The Cowboys on the other hand had a great first game against the Giants, Dak looked better than he ever has with 405 yards through the air. I see this air attack slowing down and the Cowboy getting back to Zeke on the ground and allowing for Dak take some shots deep. 

Seahawks vs Steelers

Seahawks 21-13

This is a game of redemption for the Stealers, they were destroyed in week one by the Pats, and are looking to bounce back and get a win over the Seahawks. However I don’t think that it’s going to be a possibility with the high octane offense of Russell Wilson and Cris Carson in the back field. The Seahawks will be able to keep the Steelers at bay in the offensive category, with Ben really struggling to get things going in the passing game. Also Ben has struggled to get James Conner involved in the passing game, where he was so important last year. So I have the Seahawks in this game.

Bills vs Giants


Bills vs Giants what a headline, unless you are a fan of either team or have Saquon on your fantasy team you are not going to watch this game. However I do see the future for the Giants which is looking really good with a star running back and the mentor in Eli Manning. For this week I see Saquon getting 20 to 30 touches and lighting up the score card with his work on the ground. The Bills are a complete mess with an impromptu win over the Jets, with no offense or defense for that matter that can’t keep up with the Giants rush game. So, if you do tune into the game be ready to see Saquon tearing the Bills apart.

Patriots vs Dolphins

Patriots 42-10

This is going to be a great game in light of what has happened to both teams in week one. The Patriots continued to be on fire and the ageless wonder showed that he can still do it. On the other side of things the Dolphins got beaten into the ground by the Ravens in week one, and it will be interesting to see the morale level in this game. The game is in Miami so there is a good chance that could play a roll, but overall I think that Brady will continue to decent defenses with a passer rating over 120 in the first game. Also Josh Gordon looked good in the home opener along with Julien Edelman. So I give this game to the Pats in a solid victory against the Dolphins.

Chiefs vs Raiders

Chiefs 31-14

After last weeks showing by Patrick Mahomes and company, I expect a blowout of the Raider. Although the Raider picked up a win in week 1, it wasn’t filled with the big plays like the Chiefs Game. I can’t see the Raider’s defense holding up against this strong and versatile team. Sammy Watkins was looking like his old self and that’s a big reason why I see the Chiefs pulling away with the win early on in this game. 

Saints vs Rams

Saints 31-24

All you can say is wow, how can Drew Brees do it? He is 40 years old, he drives down the field with 30 seconds left and sets up his kicker for the game winning kick. He is a freak of nature and alongside Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, this team is looking to be Super bowl contenders yet again. Expect to see more trick plays and plays involving utility player Taysom Hill who got a touchdown last week as a wide receiver. Even if the Todd Gurley shows up this week, I can’t see the Rams get a win for the simple fact they almost lost to the Carolina Panthers in week 1.

Bears vs Broncos

Bears 21-17

This game is going to be very close all the way to the end, with the Bears and the Broncos both looking for their offensive identity. The thing is, the Bears have more options to figure out said identity. The Broncos were very uncomfortable in the very hostile environment  that was Oakland. With that said, Joe Flacco made some passes that impressed me a ton like tight windows across the center of the field with some accurate deep throws that didn’t end up in the Broncos favor. The final result is going to be based on the offense, due to the nature of both good defenses. I think that the Bears bring it back and find a way to get the offense going with perhaps a defensive takeaway. 

Eagles vs Falcons

Eagles 28-17

The Eagles struggled in the first half of their game last week. They gave up 20 points in the first half while only scoring 7. It was an impressive comeback, as they won the game by a score of 32-27 but, they need to be ready to play in that first half if they expect to win big games. The Falcons didn’t show any sign of being a contending team this year, only putting up 12 points. They will need to be better and come with a will to play if they expect to compete against any team. I expect to see a closely fought game but the Eagles will make the game too far out of reach for the Falcons to make a comeback.

Browns vs Jets

Browns 42-10

This game in my eyes is exactly what the Browns need. The Jets are arguably the worst team in the NFL right now, and after the hype train was stopped short last week, Baker and OBJ are looking for prey. That comes in the form of the Jets, they are not good at all, and the rush game may even play a factor for the browns. The thing that was missing from game one was the decision making by Baker Mayfield, he made terrible decisions leading to the demise of that game. However if he looks through his progression more and not so much just OBJ, and more Jarvis and his check down routs.High aspirations for Baker, but he needs something like this game to prove to OBJ and his team to buy in and get on Board with him. Thus giving the defense a bit of momentum to work with.

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