NFL Pick-Em Week 12

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NFL Pick-Em Week 12

Dolphins vs Browns

Browns 27-21

Well, from being the team everyone loved with stars like Baker Mayfield and OBJ to the most hated team in the NFL, the Browns are playing and acting like they are in the “Dog Pound.” Although, they are coming off a win, I wouldn’t consider this team in a good place as they’ve lost Myles Garret to suspension and become the center of the media’s attention. This week they are playing an up and coming Dolphins team who are recently off a two-game winning streak. This will be a close game that will push Mayfield and his team to the limit but I think it’s about time for Baker Mayfield to step up and become the leader this team needs. He will make a play that will seal this game for his team and prove that he and this team aren’t overrated.

Lions vs Redskins

Lions 28-10

This game is going to be one more boring games this week with the Lions back up quarterback in the Redskins having one of the worst years in recent history. as of Matthew Stafford exit from the field with seen Marvin Jones Junior and his productivity decrease in the last week as much will be the same this week however they looking to get the ground game going with lack of quarterback success. . this you only eligible for the Redskins is it they have no quarterback is not there’s injured or rather neither one of them are any good. this big problems for management under heavy fire from the press and from upper management in order to make something happen. So unless you’re a Lions or Redskins fan you’re probably not gonna watch his game it’s going to be a snooze fest.

Raiders vs Jets

Jets 18-10

This is another example of a load to your game this week with both the Raiders and Jets having a rather unsuspected seasons.The Raiders at home I’ve been fairly decent but on the road they’ve had their struggles other defense without Vontaze Burfict hasn’t looked very good. This is without saying the Jets Lake success with Sam Donald having unwieldy confidence in his team. Speaking of Sam Darnold is for touchdowns last week propel the Jets to a victory and he’s looking to do much the same this week. The Jets are finding ways to get both Robbie Anderson and Le’Veon Bell involved in the offense is adding out for a high scoring high powered offense especially against a low power defense such as the Raiders. However I do see the Raiders having a chance of this game with Josh Jacobs in the backfield and Derek Carr finding Darren Waller the TE.I do see the Jets come out on top and I see Le’Veon Bell having a big game status of the pressure off Sam Darnold allowing him to have success in a play action game.

Giants vs Bears

Giants 34-10

This game is going to be a snoozer folks the bears are having an absolutely awful year and it’s questionable whether quarterback will even play. last week Mitchell dress capitalize vanished with three minutes left in the fourth quarter and half the game it was decided that he had a hip injury so whether he will play or not is up for discussion. Regardless of Trebisky playing I don’t feel it just changes the outcome of this game no middle Trebisky has had a rough year as we all know and the lack of offenses left the defense on the field for far too long. The Giants coming off a bye love you to come out big in the first half of the game Saquon Barkley and Golden Tate goddamn Jones a quarterback has been an upgrade from Eli Manning much to the approval of the New York fans. I think the Bears have very minuscule chance of winning this game especially if Daniel Jones is able to find Golden tape for those deep lobs. Also I think Saquon Barkley is ground game will be pretty influential in this game with the Bears defense having maximum play time compared to the offense.

Panthers vs Saints

Saints 28-10

The Saints last week looked like a whole new team with the involvement of Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees looking like his old self. This was exactly what we wanted to see out of a team that looks to win the NFC coming off a bad lose to the now 3-7 falcons. This game is one that is going to have some long lasting implications for the Panthers and the QB situation, It was all good and nice when Josh was winning game after game but now that he is in a bit of a rut it will be interesting to see if the Panther go back to Cam Newton who has been a second thought to this point. For Panther fans it is becoming more and more clear that your offense in not running through Josh Allen but rather the be RB in the game stat wise Christan Mccaffery. He has been in a way controlling the game from an offensive standpoint, not getting any production from the receiving core or his QB. Something needs to be done in order to get this team back on track. However I see the Saints rolling over the Panthers with the chance for Kamara to have a better day than Christan. 

Seahawks vs Eagles

Seahawks 31-21

The Seahawks are playing great football as of late and for Russell Wilson, he is putting up MVP type numbers. I think for the Seahawks, their key to this win is to find a rhythm on offense. If Russell Wilson gets going early on, you can say goodnight to the Eagles because they won’t stand a chance. Carson Wentz, although a good player, is not playing great and I see him struggling vs this Seahawks defense which isn’t bad. The Eagles need to work on their run game and allow it to open the passing game for Carson Wentz to make some offensive plays. The Seahawks will win this with an explosive game from Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson. 

Buccaneers vs Falcons

Falcons 24-21

This game could quite possibly decide whether or not the Falcons will have a .500 record or not. The Falcons are the hot team of the NFL as they are beating some of the best team, not only in their division but, in the NFL. They are currently on a  two-game winning streak with wins against the Saints and Panthers. For the Buccaneers they sit at the same record as the Falcons but with a much more explosive offense. They have weeks where Jameis Winston will throw 2 or 3 touchdowns then follow that performance up with a 4 interception game. They have the capability of being good but they don’t have the discipline to put in place a winning organization. I would expect a big game from both Qb but with the way Winston has been playing don’t be surprised if he throws 4 interceptions and gives the win to the Falcons. Falcons win in a close last minute game.

Broncos vs Bills

Bills 23-20

The Bills are coming off a pretty big week last week where they smoked the Dolphins. Expect to see a hard fought game from both teams and for the Bills to see how Josh Allen is playing with confidence. I I think, in order for the Bills to win, Josh Allen must protect the ball and not turn it over. John Brown will play a huge role in this offense, as he is coming off his best performance of his young career. The Broncos have consistently looked good in the first half but ultimately fell off in the latter half of the games. I’d expect to see a similar outcome this week. I think the Bills storm back in the second half of the game and secure a win at home. 

Steelers vs Bengals

Steelers 24-13

Don’t expect much out of this game. The Steelers are facing injuries on the offensive side of the ball. James Conner and Juju Smith-Schuster are both going to miss this game and that leaves them with backup on the field at nearly every position. I think they will rely on a heavy run offense with Jaylen Samuels leading the backfield. I still expect them to beat the 0-10 Bengals who have struggled all year. Nobody knows what to expect from this Bengals team, but they are coming off one of their closest games of the season. I think the Steelers are going to win this matchup but don’t expect it to be a pretty game.

Jaguars vs Titans

Jaguars 24-13

The Jaguars will bounce back and get a big divisional win against the Titans. Expect to see a big game from Foles as he struggled in his return last week. The Titans are struggling as of late and don’t look to be that good this season. The Jaguars win this in a close one.

Cowboys vs Patriots

Patriots 28-10 

The Pats are coming off a week in which their defense played a huge roll in the that victory over the Eagles. Tom Brady in the press conference expressed his disappointment in his offense and their ability to score points. I look for them to come out this week and try to put up some big yards through the air in order to get their confidence up, and to get them back on track for playoff football. However Dak has been playing out of his mind as of late in the close win over the Lions. The offense of the Cowboys has been great it is on the other side of the ball that they have had all their issues. They all were played to a close game by the back up QB for the LIons, that is with Dak throwing for 444 yards. So if they want to stand a chance against the Pats they are going to have to find a way to force turnovers and get stops on key downs.

Packers vs 49ers

Packers 31-27

The Packers are in the debate for being the best team in the NFL at this point in the season. Aaron Rodgers, this year, is able to not throw the ball as much with the help from his back field which is one of the most dynamic in the league. Aaron Jones and Jamal William bring to the  back field an extra blocker, an extra receiver, or even a good power running back. They are facing off against, what some would call the defense in the league. Nick Bosa will pressure Aaron Rodgers all night and force him to make tough passes to his receivers that are being guarded by a good secondary. I think for the Packers to win this game, they must win the time of possession and force the 49ers struggling offense to make big plays. I don’t think Jimmy Garappolo will make those big plays and this game will favor the Packers by 6.

Ravens vs Rams

Ravens 28-24

The Rams and Ravens is going to be on of the best game of the year, with these teams being on complete opposite specturmes. The Rams have just implemented the new offensive line and Todd Gurley got his first 90+ yard game. The Ravens have been tearing up the yards all season and look to much of the same in this game.  The question will be if the Rams Defense have a plan in order to stop Lamar Jackson from escaping the pocket and rushing for all thoses yards. In my opinion it is the Ravens game to lose, but they may do just that. The Rams are trying to get that offense back in order, but it has been a struggle to get the Rush game going. If they get it going early and often the Rams may stand a chance in this game. But if Lamar Jackson continues to do what he does then this game will go in favor of the Ravens.

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