NFL Pick-Em Week 1

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NFL Pick-Em Week 1

Chiefs vs Jaguars

Chiefs 35-24

The Chiefs are ready to go this season, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Patrick Mahomes is going to have pressure to the max as he is without star running back Kareem Hunt, who got traded this past off season. They’ll be taking on the tough Jacksonville defense which includes stars such as Calais Campbell, A.J. Bouye, and Jalen Ramsey. I can see Jacksonville putting up a couple touchdowns with the new offensive weapon in Nick Foles. He will be slinging the balls in hope for some leftover Philadelphia magic to bring him the win against this strong team in Kansas City. 

Falcons vs Vikings 

Vikings 28-24

This in my opinion is going to be one of the best games to watch this week. My reasoning is simple Defense vs Offence. The Vikings have a signature defense, while the Falcons are known for their high power Offence and strong passing game. However I think that the key to this game with be the ability of each team to move out of their stereotype. Meaning Both teams attempt to get the run game going, and in this matchup I see Dalvin Cook and the O-line squad coming out on top.

Titans vs Browns 

Browns 42-28

I look for this game to be a total shot out, with the edition of OBJ the offensse is going to be thriving for the Browns. It is so much more than just the one receiver, this takes the number one man, Malcolm Butler away from jarvis landry. Opening up the pass game for the highly anticipated return of big money Mayfield. I don’t see the Titans run game or pass game thriving, and the lack of defence will allow the Browns to run away in this one.

Bills vs Jets

Jets 14-10

This is going to start the season out on the right foot for the jets, but the struggles from past years will be a recurring theme for the Bills. I feel like Le’veon Bell may have a game that make some fantasy owners ask themselves why they didn’t draft him. I think the Bell will be the entirety of the offence, and on the drives where he struggles so will the team. It’s a lot to ask from a player who hasn’t seen the field in over a year. However, I don’t imagine the Bills getting any sort of offence going, rather that Darnold finds more defenders than his own offence.

Raven vs Dolphins

Ravens 24-14

The Raven are going into this week with a solid offense. We can expect Lamar Jackson to replicate his performances from last year. He will have back up this year from Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards, who will hold down the backfield with confidence. They will taking on the highly mediocre team in the Dolphins. This team will be working into a new look as they have completely reshaped their offense. They have a strong running back in Kenyan Droke, who was a solid part of the team last year in win like the one against the Patriots. All in all, the Ravens will still come out on top and pound the Dolphins into the ground in a decisive victory.

Redskins vs Eagles

Eagles 21-7

The Eagles are looking for a good start to this season, unlike last season. Good news is, Carson Wentz is healthy and ready to throw the ball. He has a new running back supporting him in Jordan Howard, who will be getting a heavy workload with this new team. The other team, in the Redskins will be decent but won’t be able to beat the Eagles a superior division rival.

Rams vs Panthers

Rams 34-24

This is going to be a very interesting game in more ways than one. The first way is due to the return of the Rams RB Todd Gurley, there has been some preseason talk about injuries that plagued him late in the season last year. Coach McVay has came out openly saying that the superstar will not be on a “pitch count”. This is good news for Rams fans, but you have to be worried about the backfield of Carolina. RB Christian McCaffery and QB Cam Newton look to put on a show and upset the Rams in their week one matchup. However I see Goff and the offense proving to be too powerful to handle for Cam and the Panthers.

Colts vs Chargers

Chargers 28-21

The Chargers may have not started off the season on the right foot, with Melvin gordon holding out but, they should be able to beat up on the Colts in week 1. Austin Ekler will have the most pressure on that team but don’t expect a walk in the park for the Chargers. The Colts still have star players like T.Y. Hilton, Marlon Mack, and Eric Ebron. The fact of the matter is that without Andrew Luck they aren’t the great team they used to be. 

Bengals vs Seahawks

Seahawks 28-10

The story of this game is the absence of star WR A.J Green, leaving a whole in the depth chart. This in my opinion is going to leave too much weight on the back of Tyler Boyd and Joe Mixon not allowing Andy Dalton to really show his diversity in play calling. On the other hand I think that Russell Wilson and Cris Carson will be able to keep the Bengals defense off balance and open up large scale passing plays down the middle of the field. The ability for Wilson to move around the pocket forces middle line backers and single high safeties to feel uncomfortable in coverage and may even force a Qb spy once and awhile.

Giants vs Cowboys

Cowboys 35-17

The Cowboys have been the talk of the preseason, with Ezekial Elliott just being signed this week. Dak Prescot is going to be looking for Amari Cooper to make some big plays and relying on Zeke to pick those big runs. They’re facing off against division rival, New York Giants, who don’t have much of anything going for them. They only shining light in that pit of blackness is Saquon Barkley who really doesn’t have anything backing him on that team. Sadly for Barkley, he is going to be overmatched by this fully rostered Cowboys team.

49ers vs Buccaneers

49ers 31-21

With the Return of Jimmy G this year I feel like the 49ers can make a serious run. That starts with this game, getting George Kittle open on the seam can really make for some chunk plays. The only question I have is, with Jimmy Garoppolo be able to move around in and out of the pocket in the way that had so many people excited for last years season. On the other hand the Buccaneers have a lot of potential with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans out wide. How ever I see the 49ers defense playing a tad bit better than the Buccaneers making the outcome swayed in their favor. 

Lions vs Cardinals

Lions 21-10

This matchup is going to be a snoozer, unless of course you are a fan of one of the teams. I feel that the Lions will run this ball game in several different ways. The Lions have a much better offense with Mathew Stafford at the helm, and a variety of decent running backs to incorporate the play action game. The reason that I don’t like the Cardinals in this one is because of how much weight is going to be placed on the back of David Johnson. Maybe just maybe he will break out and take control of the game, or someone will take some off that weight of his back. Unless that happens I don’t see the Cardinals having any success against the Lions defense.

Patriots vs Stealers 

Patriots 21-13

Let’s be real here the main thing to look at here is the ageless wonder of Tom Brady, the question is, will this year fall apart for the old man. If I have learned one thing about Tom Brady, it’s never to bet against him. All that aside it is in Foxboro where the Pats hardly ever lose, to be exact they have won 25 straight at home. The Steelers have no Bell, no scapegoat and no way of beating the Pats at home. 

Texans vs Saints 

Saints 31-21

The Saints are shaping up to be Super bowl contenders, as the defense is looking solid and the offense is even better equipped than it was last year. Drew Brees is gearing up for his 14th season and he’s looking better than ever. His offense is loaded with players such as Alvin Kamara, Micheal Thomas, and Taysom Hill. The other team is yet again another great team that I consider a top ten team. Deshaun Watson will be trying his best to get the ball to his star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and on other receiver WIll Fuller V. Overall The Saints will come out on top for the pure fact they have a superior defense and offense.

Raiders vs Broncos

Broncos 28-24

Here we go, the Raiders are looking pretty solid this year, but don’t jump on the bandwagon too quickly. We’ve already seen struggles between the organization and, new addition, Antonio Brown. These struggles eventually evolved into him being cut Saturday morning. Now all the pressures on Derek Carr, they’ll be relying heavily on his  arm and what’s left of his receiving core.. Fact of the matter is that the Broncos, while they may look to veteran Joe Flacco for help, it’s not just him running that team. We can expect to see a heavy workload put on Phillip Lindsey and accompanying running back Royce Freeman. Their defense is looking nearly as good as it did back in 2016, when they won the Superbowl. Don’t jump on this bandwagon, as we are going to see them lose this week to the Broncos strong defense.

By Evan Fritz and Colt Spangler


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