NFL Divisional Round Pick-EM

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NFL Divisional Round Pick-EM

Vikings vs 49ers

Vikings 26-20

The Vikings are coming off their biggest win of the season in New Orleans. They Beat a 13-4 Saints team who proved countlessly throughout the season to have to ability to beat good teams. Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cooks carried this offense to a tough overtime win. Cooks had 94 rushing yards and I expect to see the same this week because that Saints team had one of the best rushing defenses in all of the NFL. I don’t expect Kirk Cousins to have too great of a game but he will do just enough to get this team in scoring position. For the 49ers, you can expect a good defensive performance but don’t be too keen to seeing a good offensive showing. With Jimmy Garapollo leading them, they could struggle to move the ball and the Vikings proved their defense could keep up with high powered offenses. I think the Vikings defense will put their offense in a position to win and Dalvin Cooks will run the ball well enough to get the job done.

Titans vs Ravens

Ravens 31-21

This is going to be in my opinion one of the worst games to watch this weekend. This is going to be a routing, one that the Titans are going to want to forget. The main reason that this game is going to get out of hand is due to the lack of offense from the Titans passing game. This is not to mention that the Ravens have arguably the highest powered offence in the league. They can run the ball like no other, and when it comes to passing, Lamar Jackson does what he has to in order to get his team where they need to be. Beyond the offences there isn’t much to look at, the Ravens defense is solid and thy play fast paced, not to mention the time of possession scale should be heavily in the Ravens favor. That is keeping the d off the field and allowing them to rest. 

Texans vs Chiefs

Chiefs 28-20

This is going to be a very interesting game, I say this only because of the inconsistency from both teams. They both have had some good runs, but in the end they will always have the times where their offence runs dry. However one thing that can be said from last year is that the Chiefs defence has improved drastically. The only thing holding the Chiefs and the Texans back is the lack of timely offence. For the Chiefs it is the fact that they rely on the long ball to much, and when its not there their fence has a really hard time. The thing is that they have one of the best Te in the league, so get him involved. And they do a fair bit those games are the ones where the long ball is not open, they turn to Teavis for aid. For the Texans it is the lack of production from Deshan, when he is on it is a special to watch, however when he stutters and is not in a grove it go south fast. I look for one of these teams to be in that rut this game. And after watching wild card weekend it looks to be the Texans who are stuttering hard. 

Seahawks vs Packers

Seahawks 17-10

Going into this game, the Seahawks are looking like they aren’t playing their best football. Russel Wilson is still playing at a very high level and I think in this game they will best the up and down the Packers. For the Packers, they need the team that gets the ball to Aaron Jones and puts up 30 points. They have been up and down all year, as one game they will look unbeatable, then the next, they will look like they are a team that can’t move the ball 10 yards down the field. Aaron Rodgers is going to need a big performance from his team, especially Aaron Jones and Davante Adams. I think the Packers will flop in this game and Russel Wilson will do enough to beat their underwhelming offensive performance.

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