Keys to making the tournament: Stat wise

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Keys to making the tournament: Stat wise

As the conference season kicks off in full here in 2020, we thought we would share some info that we use to sort teams 1-68 for selection for the tournament.

NET: Teams in the top 40 of the NET will get heavy consideration. The NET is not a standings board, but teams in this area usually have quality wins, wins on the road and have avoided many bad losses. Last season only three teams in the top 40 did not make the tourney.

Quad 1 & Quad 2 wins: The more the better. We also look at the overall record combined in both quads. Last year’s committee seemed to value quality opportunities and success in those opportunities. Teams that are over .500 combined in these areas will get heavy consideration.

NON Conference SOS: The lower the number the better. Teams with a non conference SOS of 100 or less are considered to be better in combination with the above criteria. Teams with non conf SOS of 200 plus need to shine in other areas.

Road Wins: Winning away from home is also used to separate similar teams. The more you win on the road the better

Avoid bad losses: Avoiding the quad 4 losses is important for teams trying to make the tournament.

We use and his Nitty Gritty report to analyze teams for our seed list and bracket. A link for that website is on our links page. Our seed lists and brackets can be found under the Bracketology tab.

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