Jan 16 Game results

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Jan 16 Game results


GONZAGA defeats a 15-3 Santa Clara team 104-54. Santa Clara had just defeated St. Mary’s on the road in previous game. Not a great win but a great style win as the Zags fight for/maintain a resume worthy of a 1 seed

WASHINGTON- The Huskies defeated fellow bubble team Oregon St at home 64-56. A much need win that moves Washington up the considered list. This team will be looked at in two ways with the loss of Quade Green. If they can go on a winning streak the resume may be ok.

COLORADO-Wins on the road at Arizona St. This is a quad 1 win for the Buffaloes. Colorado is steadily moving up our seed list.


USC– Wins over California 88-56. These wins are not a big deal other than they add a win to the total. Better than any loss

MEMPHIS Defeats Cincinnati at home. This quad 2 win keeps Memphis on the 6/7 seed line radar.

ARIZONA defeats Utah at home to add a quad 2 win to a resume that is in need of some good wins. The strong NET of 15 is keeping Arizona afloat. Not sure where they deserve to be seeded, Maybe anywhere from 6-9 seed resume wise, higher by NET


OREGON- Winning on the road is always difficult. Losing to Washington St is not a good thing for a team fighting for a 2 seed or higher.


BELMONT – defeats Eastern Kentucky to move to 13-5. They will need to win their conference tourney to get in this year, but always a threat to win a game or two

Loyola Chicago Defeats Southern Illinois 64-48 to stay atop the Missouri Valley Conference. The Ramblers also will need to win the conference tourney but are poised to make some noise if they do.

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