Interview with Aidan O’Connell

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Interview with Aidan O’Connell

Have you ever had your parents go to a Purdue football game with you? Well that is what happened to me. I took my mom and dad with me to after game interviews, the security lady took my parents down to the locker room entrance while I went down to the media room. Outside the locker room entrance is where my parents got to meet Aidan. They told him that I, their daughter would be talking to him. When I went down to interview the players, including Aidan, he said to me, “Hey your parents told me you would be here.” How cool is that. Being the only girl in the room and being recognized by number 16. I had a lot of fun and also got to meet David Bell, Jeff Brohm, and Dedrick Mackey.

Note From Sponsor Mr. Tonsoni- The experiences our students get thanks to Purdue athletics are so valuable. We are learning a lot and personally are proud of Nikita and her work


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