Green Bay 64 Purdue Fort Wayne 55

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Green Bay 64 Purdue Fort Wayne 55

A day of women’s and men’s semifinals today for the Horizon League Tournament. We move to the second round of Women’s semi-finals with Green Bay and Purdue Fort Wayne.

Key Stats

The first half was a back-and-forth competition between the two teams. Both pulling their weight in this game.

Green Bay’s defense is strong, and they came to show it today with 28 defensive rebounds and 5 steels.

Key Individual Performances

Shayla Sellers both strong on offense and defense. Between shutting down Green Bay’s offense and shooting 57 percent from 3.

Madd Schreiber with 13 points and 6 rebounds.

What it means

Both teams battled very consistently throughout the game and transferred the lead back and forth however PFW couldn’t hang on.


“They finished shots and we didn’t I mean we were up 2 with 6 minutes to go and we missed 2 free throws, a back door set that was wide open and we missed a kick out 3.” ~ Coach Maria Marchesano

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