Game Results Jan 18

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Game Results Jan 18


LOUISVILLE- Winning on the road at Duke 79-73 is a huge win. The Cardinals were in a lull and now move up to the top 4 seed lines for sure. Duke will likely fall out of the 1 seed after two losses this week.

KENTUCKY– An overtime win over Arkansas gains the Wildcats a good quad 1 win. Coach Calipari got ejected in the 2nd half and the team turned the game around from that point. Look for Kentucky to move up off the 6 line despite the earlier loss this week.

DEPAUL– The Blue Demons defeat the Butler Bulldogs 74-66 to get a big win for the resume. DePaul is a true bubble team, they may be in and they may be out in our next braket. Butler is now considered a 2 or 3 seed probably.

ARIZONA– Defeats Colorado at home to get their first quad 1 wind. The NET is kind to the Wildcats but the wins still need to come. This is a hard team to seed because of the lack of wins. Colorado should not fall much if at all, losing to a quality team on the road.

HOUSTON– wins at Wichita St 65-54. This wins moves Houston out of the last 4 in and avoiding a play-in game. Wichita St loss at home is not devastating but will place them in 6/7/8 range next week

FLORIDA– Defeats Auburn 69-47 to gain a big quad 1 win. The Gators have a lot of quad 2 wins so this helps them a lot. Florida will be 9/10/11 range in next bracket. Auburn loses two games this week and may fall out of the top 4 protected seed lines.

USC– A win of Stanford continues to build a statistically good resume for the Torjans. The NET is not a fan of USC but they are winning games. Stanford on the other hand has a great NET but is without a quad 1 win on the season. Stanford is a difficult team to seed. USC will find itself in the 8/8/10 range next week.


OREGON– Wins on road at Washington 64-61. This is a nice win for the Ducks. They continue to play well and can be a 2/3/4 possibly.

BAYLOR-The Bears were trailing for most of the game but found a way to win to hold serve as our number 1 overall seed.

SETON HALL– Delphi Bracketology simply loves Myles Powell. Guy has game. So does Seton Hall. The Pirates win on the road at St. John’s to stay steady in our field.

FLORIDA ST Wins at Miami Fl 83-79 in Miami. Road wins always play in bracketing. The Seminoles are a top 4 seed easily.

MARQUETTE– another road victory. Marquette defeats Georgetown 84-80. The Golden Eagles will be in 7/8/9 range next week.

NC STATE– A win at home over Clemson won’t move the needle much but it does keep them in the bracket. The Wolfpack may even move up a seed line with the win


VIRGINIA TECH Losing at home to Syracuse is a tough loss. The Hokies are right on the cutline for us. Could be in or out of the bracket. Also Syracuse is a bubble team that gains a road win. The Orangemen are still a long ways from entering the bracket.

WEST VIRGINIA– Lost to Kansas St on the road 84-68. This is a bad beat because the Mountaineers were moving up the seed line quickly. This loss puts the breaks on their advance. Still in the top 4 seed line.

UTAH ST– The Aggies lost a large lead late in the game to Boise St 88-83 in OY. Utah St a pre-season mid-major favorite needs to hold onto these types of leads. The Aggies will now find an at large berth a distant opportunity

GEORGIA– A loss at Mississippi St 91-59 is not a good look for Coach Crean’s Bulldogs. Georgia has no bad losses but are 1-6 in quad 1. A bubble team needs to win or at least be more competitive on the road.

OREGON ST The Beavers lose on road at Washington St 89-76. The Beavers had gotten our attention last week and now lose a game they could have won. They have a lot of work to do.


VERMONT– Vermont defeats Hartford 74-57 and now are 13-7. They are starting to win again after a tough start to the season.

BOWLING GREEN– Defeats Northern Illinois 66-64 to improve to 13-5. The MAC Conference is quite competitive this year.

EAST TENNESSEE ST– The Buccaneers defeated Western Carolina on the road 85-61. They improve to 14-2. Their 2 quad 1 wins and also a quad 2 win will keep them in consideration for an at large berth if they don’t win their conference tournament.

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