Feb 6 Game results

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Feb 6 Game results


CINCINNATI The Bearcats need to add to their resume. Winning on the road at Wichita St 80-79 is a big piece of that. Cincinnati will enter our bracket only if they are the conference leader. Their at-large resume is not there yet.

ARIZONA- Arizona defeats fellow bracket team USC at home 85-80. This is a quad 2 win and evens the Wildcat quad 1/2 record at 6-6. You can find the Wildcats anywhere from a 5-7 seed at the moment.


COLORADO– holds on to defeat California 71-65. The Buffaloes are in decent shape as far as making the tourney. They are working on seed position.

HOUSTON Defeats Tulane 75-62 to stay on the 7-9 seed range. The Cougars will need a few more quality wins to move any higher.

ARIZONA ST– The Sun Devils are right on that cutline. Getting a home win against UCLA doesn’t move them in but keeps them close.


TULSA Loses a home game to UCONN 72-56. They were in our bracket as conference leader. With the loss, they fall out because they do not have the resume to get in as an at-large. Still this is a team worth watching as a possible bid thief come March.

STANFORD– Losing on the road to Utah is not bad, but losing in OT does hurt. Stanford has been a NET darling with few resume wins. They need to win as many opportunities possible to stay in the field and get a decent seed.


NORTHERN KENTUCKY– defeat Oakland 73-70 to improve to 17-7 on the season. The Horizon league tournament will be a good battle

WRIGHT ST The leader of the Horizon league gains another win 98-86 over Detroit. They move to 20-5 on the season.

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