Feb 18 Game results

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Feb 18 Game results


CREIGHTON– The Blue Jays go on the road and beat Marquette 73-65. Another quad 1 win moves Creighton up to the 3 line.

DAYTON Wins at VCU. A big win because it is one of the toughest games left on Dayton’s schedule. This team is looking like a definite 2 seed line team.

ILLINOIS had lost 4 in a row and needed a win. Getting that win on the road against Penn St is huge. Illinois is close to being a lock to make the tournament.

KENTUCKY– The Wildcats get a road win at LSU. Kentucky looks to break into the top 4 seed lines soon. We had them a 5 on Tuesday’s update.


FLORIDA– The Gators continue to do just enough to stay viable. A home win over Arkansas keeps them firmly in the field. They have some tough games down the stretch.

FLORIDA ST The Seminoles win a game they should. Why is this important? The bottom of our 2 seed line all the way to the 6 line is very close. Wins keep FSU at in the 3 seed range.

BAYLOR A win on the road over Oklahoma is like insurance. They game against Kansas will not hurt the resume with a loss. Wins like this will keep Baylor on the 1 seed line.


ST LOUIS A fringe bubble team needs to win all the games they can. Losing to UMass is probably the nail in the coffin for an at large bid.


ST FRANCIS PA – A win over conference leader Robert Morris moves them to 18-8 on the season.

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