Clemson- 1st team out?

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Clemson- 1st team out?

Brian Tonsoni
Faculty Contributor

Clemson is our first team out of the bracket on 2/28.  Clemson is 17-11 overall, 1-8 in quad 1 and 4-3 in quad 2.  The have a non conference SOS of 116,  5-8 away from home and a NET ranking of 43.  The best thing on Clemson resume are wins vs Virginia Tech and Lipscomb.  The Virginia Tech game was played when the Hokies had recently lost their point guard to injury.  

The team in the bracket that can compare to Clemson is Utah St.  Clemson has a better win, Utah ST has a better non conference SOS at 20, a higher NET of 33 and are 10-5 away from home.  Clemson has two huge games left vs North Carolina and Syracuse while the Aggies have a date with Nevada.

Utah St is our last team in and Clemson is our first team out.  These teams will be compared down the stretch.  Another concern for both these teams are bid thiefs.  If Wofford loses in its tournament they will take an at large bid.  Right now that would cost Utah St a spot.  Clemson would then have to climb over UCF which is our 2nd to last team in.  A lot can happen in two weeks on the bubble.

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