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West Coast Conference: Pre Season Bracket Capsule

Storylines Can Gonzaga win a National Title? Is Steve Lavin the answer at San Diego? Does Coach Gerlufson keep San Francisco on the up? What does BYU bring in it’s last year in the conference? Can the conference get four bids this year? Number of Bids 3 Favored to go Dancing Gonzaga St. Mary’s Capable …

Mountain West Pre Season Bracket Capsule

Storylines Can San Diego State get to the Sweet 16? Is Wyoming going to run it back with Maldonado and Ike leading the way? Who is the 3rd or 4th team that will make the dance? Can Steve Alford get Nevada back on track? Will the Running Reb’s be running again? Number of Bids 3-4 …


The American Conference might end up with three bids. The potential semi-final game between Memphis and SMU could have a major impact on the bracket. Houston would like to right the ship after a few late season losses Favorite: Houston Contender: Memphis SMU Upset candidate: Temple UCF At large possibilities: Houston – 5/6 seed Memphis- …


Favorite: Toledo Contender: Kent St Akron Ohio Upset candidate: Buffaloi At large possibilities: None Winner: Akron

BIG 10

The BIG 10 conference has had a solid year. There will not be as many teams in the tournament this season but the competition has been great. Illinois and Wisconsin shared the regular season title. Purdue has been a top team all season and the Iowa Hawkeyes have really come on as of late. Look …

BIG 12

The BIG 12 might be the best conference in the country top to bottom. Baylor and Kansas will be top seeds in the NCAA tournament. Six bids are likely from the BIG 12. This tournament will mostly effect seeds of teams like TCU and Iowa St if they were to win some games. Favorite: Baylor …

PAC 12

The Pac 12 made a lot of noise in last years tournament. This year the conference has once again struggle to win outside of the conference and it looks like they will get 3/4 teams in the field. Oregon St surprised everyone last year and won the tournament and received the auto bid. Is there …


This conference has the top two seed automatically placed in the semi finals. So look for one of the top two teams to advance Favorite: Nichols Contender: New Orleans SE Louisiana Upset candidate: Texas A&M CC At large possibilities: None Winner: New Orleans


Favorite: Norfolk State Contender: Howard NC Central Upset candidate: Morgan State At large possibilities: None Winner: Norfolk St

Big Sky

Favorite: Montana State Contender: Southern Utah Northern Colorado Weber State Upset candidate: Eastern Washington At large possibilities: None Winner: Weber St