Bubble talk: Jan 23

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Bubble talk: Jan 23

In & Trending up

HOUSTON– 32 in the NET, 2-2 in quad 1 and 4-2 in quad 2. Big win over Wichita St helped their cause

NC STATE– 44 in the NET, 3-3 in quad 1, 1-1 in quad 2. Winning three in a row always helps the resume

In & Trending down

WICHITA STATE– Zero quad 1 wins half way through the season is hurting their resume. 16-3 record and a NET of 30 are ok, but the Shockers need quality wins to stay in the field

DEPAUL NET of 59 and a non conference SOS of 272 off set a few big wins and quad 1 record of 3-3. They are in because of their wins over Iowa and Butler. They need more

Out & Trending up

SYRACUSE– The Orange won at Notre Dame and have a NET ranking of 69. They are 2-3 in both quad 1& @. They are sneaking toward the first four out.

TENNESSEE– A strong SOS helps the Vols. They have no bad losses and are in range with quad 1 & 2 wins of getting in.

Out & Trending down

PURDUE- The Boilers lost at home to Illinois and on the road to Maryland. The overall record of 10-9 may be too hard to overcome. Strong SOS and 4 quad 1 & 2 wins keep them in consideration

ST LOUIS– The Bilikins have fallen to 68 in the NET and only have 1 quad 1 and 1 quad 2 win.

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