Bubble talk: Jan 15

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Bubble talk: Jan 15

The bubble is the last 18 teams in and all of the teams up for consideration. We currently are considering 25 teams that are not listed in our last bracket. So as of today our bubble is 43 teams strong. Teams can always move in or fall out of our bubble with a good week of play.

In & Trending up

RUTGERS– NET 30 as of Monday plus 3 quad 1/2 wins has Rutgers in the bracket and looking good. Currently an 8 seed.

LSU– Winners of 5 in a row and a NET of 29. The Tigers have 4 quad 1/2 wins and are on our 9 seed line.

In & Trending down

XAVIER– losing two conference games at home is a lost opportunity. At 12-5 overall and 5 Quad 1/2 wins Xavier is barely hanging on to a spot in our bracket.

HOUSTON– NET of 49 and a road loss to Tulsa has Houston on the ropes. Zero quad 1 wins also hurts the Cougars at this time

Out & Trending up

RICHMOND– The Spiders defeated Davidson on the road and quietly have 2 quad 1 wins. A NET of 61 is not great but watch for them in the next few weeks.

MIAMI FLA– Winners of 6 out of their last 8 with losses to Duke and Louisville. The Canes have 5 quad 1/2 wins but their NET of 83 will hold them back. Need a big win soon to stay in this category

Out & Trending down

OKLAHOMA ST– The Cowboys have dealt with some key injuries but have lost their first 3 BIG 12 games. NET ranking of 69 does not bode well. There is plenty of time for a turnaround but it may have to start soon.

UTAH ST– a team that was highly ranked early in the season is now 12-5 (3-3) and down to a NET of 78. The Aggies must hold water and maybe defeat San Diego St on the road later in the season to have any chance of an at- large

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